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But you told them everything…

One of the hardest things to deal with when you have a parting of the ways

Will be your own mind.

The conscious mind is built with the directive to help you make sense of things

It is part of our ability to remain…well….sane.

Yet it does so from your experiences and your perception at that time.

So if you have had a few people shaft you – then thats part of the perspective

If you have made decisions that you aren’t proud of, yup – perspective.

You will decide against that (well hopefully)

Whether a love or any friendship goes south, you probably shared some of your darkest moments

Shared some of your deepest secrets

And then all of a sudden you are not connected anymore

You can not sit in fear. It will not serve you.

Yet… you worry.

Add to that the fact you have already heard the talk get back to you – or think you have

Our conscious minds make stories fit.

However nothing is as destructive as your mind chatter.

Whats said is said

Whats done is done

If they share your details – they will

If they use it to make others like you less

Those people aren’t for you anyway.

If you are faced with legal papers that tell some fanciful version of the truth – deal with it THEN – when you receive them – IF you receive them that is….

Because nothing will be anywhere near as destructive as you worrying about it.

The moment you start to dwell – STOP

There is a reason you move one

Whether it is your choice or not.

Maybe you have grown. Maybe others have.

Lots of maybe’s yet the thing – the ONLY to spend your mindful moments on


How do you feel

Who are you. Now. In the present.

A narcissist,  a gaslighter, will have you asking yourself loads of questions

Questioning yourself. Your sanity.

And steal time away from you if you let them.

And it is truly YOU who let them.

I liken it to unpicking the ties that bind.

Many years ago these people and these behaviors were hidden yet now they are there in the open for all to see

Yet your mind – where you question…is not.

Allow it to be a safe space – for YOU.

Sure you told them your deep secrets.

You shared tears and joys, your inner thoughts and feelings.

In fact its probably in writing in triplicate

Its done.

Whats done is done.

Whats said is said

If its shared then its shared.

You however are still amazing

Everyone has a chink in their armour

Everyone has skeletons they wish they didn’t have

Don’t allow anyone to steal your happiness

Don’t allow anyone to – including yourself.

You are amazing.

Move forward, stop worrying, embrace who you are and know you are MAGICAL










Healthy living series….Join me in 2019

One of the most exciting parts of my journey is the sharing

Some might suggest I overshare…

Yet its the age of it isn’t it?

Whether you are a new enquirer or a convert, I know you will enjoy the guests I have lined up and the topics we will be covering

We will start with :

  • Fermenting for gut health
  • The inflammation trap
  • East meets West : Philosophy and Wisdom
  • Herbalism and you : Food as Medicine
  • Planting out a Medicinal garden
  • Intuitive Healing : Listening when your Energy speaks


Finding your Bliss has such a ring to it, and the overall Theme for 2019 will be just this

Join in the series for a little or a lot.

Healthy Living Series

Finding Your Bliss



Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul


Bring in 2019


When your body won’t play…

At present, I am feeling pretty good, and its absolutely because I am making the things happen that I need to

I eat really well, just not regularly enough for my body and my minds needs

It comes though, from refusing to eat rubbish on the fly.

The real bugger though is that because of the inflammatory conditions within me, combined with the stress of recent years, my body doesn’t process things well NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE THINGS I DO FOR IT IS!

It can’t. Yet.

The starvation mode that my body goes into isn’t necessarily any better some days yet I make a conscious choice to not fuel it with crap.

Those days are now at a minimum.

When things are tracking along nicely,  its because my plans have come together. Its no accident that the right food is in the fridge and the right support is around me.

It’s no accident that the snack foods are actually in the teens’ cupboard – avoiding those ‘snaccidents’ that derail completely.

So I have choices – as we all do.

When you look at what they are it’s not pretty.


Because it’s clear that choosing right for me is a good decision no matter what, and that the easy choices I took that weren’t good for me have long-lasting effects.

And not good ones.

I am currently sitting at a BMI that is not healthy.

For now.

Yet it is already changing.

So how am I making the change you ask…

Beyond food choices that is…

I am exercising in a way that doesn’t put pressure on my already overworked system.

What am I actually doing?

Moving around – constantly, intentionally, and pushing myself the few extra steps.

When I moved here, having to keep going up and down these stairs was something I avoided.

Now I make extra trips. Some afternoons its tough.

I LOVE the app on my watch. Breathe app, stand app, trackers. I embrace them all.


It’s not a 40km marathon – yet it’s my marathon – for me.

I sleep better because I move.

I know that my body isn’t playing despite the nutrient dense, conscious choices I am making for it – for ME.

But this I promise you –  I will be damned if it isn’t playing because I am killing it intentionally with bad choices.


We all know that tomorrow is not a given. Neither is this afternoon. I know this more than most – as do many of you I have no doubt.

I could give up and say – too late, its managed so far.

But my body isn’t playing because of what it has been through.

Just like my mind has been overwhelmed by the choices I have made and the experiences I have been through.

As we all have.

So my choice is to find balance, peace, and empowerment from within.

When my body doesn’t play its just that way today.

If I feed and nurture it, it will be the best it can be.

Your mind will be the same.

As will mine.

Stay tuned… it is only going to get more exciting from here

“Had a gutful yet?”

compass on map


Waking up has become so much easier!

I know being healthier and taking care of myself is a great thing

It’s actually necessary for a long and healthy life

If you want the backstory, read about my gut health and inflammation journey

However, I still can’t get over how much better I feel

Don’t get me wrong – I would love an extra days sleep

Yet I am not hearing the alarm and hating it

In fact, I wake before the alarm most days and am not exhausted

A friend said to me to today – you sound exhausted!

I am tired from the year or so of upheaval, yet I am not exhausted

And believe you me, I know what exhausted feels like

What I feel is lighter.

I feel like the weight is off my shoulders in so many ways. And it is, to be honest.

Yet I FEEL that way. I am actually feeling it.

I looked in the mirror and literally, I stood taller today. Because my gut isn’t so bloated, my back isn’t having to try and find the center of balance the same old way

I have probably lost about 5 or 6 kilos yet that’s as much from mindset as it is from lifestyle.

What did I actually do?

I went back to what worked for me in the past and correlated that to what I enjoy.

And my nutrition studies have given me so many answers!

So I loved the vegan way of food, yet as I have mentioned before – vegan is a lifestyle choice based on passion and integrity in choices. It’s a philosophy really.

I can’t do the red meat thing as my carnivore ways do my system over.

I will be honest – I can go without animal products quite comfortably.

And I hydrate.

Yet I also embrace my herbal plants and remedies, right down to my teas as you know

So carbs pretty much kill my system as quickly as dairy.

Carbs turn to sugar as soon as they enter the system. There are 3 structures of carbs and they ALL do the same thing.

Sugars aggravate my body and cause skin eruptions and scar-like welts for me

People think I have burn scars.

Dairy just aggravates my intestinal system and also shows up on my skin

So I limit them big time.

And it is making me feel amazing. So I will continue with it.

The real upside?

I wake without feeling exhausted. I am awake, not groggy.

Sleep-ins are a joy – not a desperate necessity

And rousing teenagers is much easier now that I am not dragging myself out as well!

(Much to their disgust)

I still hit the snooze button even though I am awake

Yet I don’t hang out for the extra snooze, because I don’t NEED it

I am living life, and busy as it is, I have more time because I am present.

What am I doing wrong?

I am not pacing myself at the evening end of the day and taking it easy enough.

Reflect, Review, Tweak, and make changes.

Next is regular exercise.

I think you have to get your diet right first, or the good things like movement and exercise become stressors and pressures

Life is becoming easier from the inside out

‘Had a Gutful yet’



Necessary evil…..your gut will decide

If there is one thing I try and avoid like the plague – its anti-biotics

Just the word suggests it goes against my own bio.

And with the inflammation issues I have, its an added weight I know will have an effect that’s not so cool.


What to do when faced with my system that is overloaded mind, and body, and needs more than herbal remedies and lovingly prepared energetic mojo?

Well its something every soul teacher has ever said to me – and certainly, my energetic ‘team’ supports

Get thee to the traditional doctor and get their know-how as well

Why ignore their training just because it ignores mine.

Or does it?

When my husband was initially ill he said the doctor looked awful telling him what he thought was happening.

I said OF COURSE. This poor bloke went into the profession to help heal people – and if he couldn’t do it – then it speaks to the underlying reason for everything he ever held true.

The body is an amazing thing.

Left to its own devices it will go about healing itself through knowing. Yet germs and superbugs have morphed and targeted the weaker areas of the body. And here I find myself.

Not because I am weak. Yet because I have asked FAR more of my mind and body than I should have, over an inordinate amount of time.

SO in the process of making better choices for my body and its mechanism, I am weathering a few storms.

Enter antibiotics.

Oh, they are awful bloody things, yet my gorgeous GP always says

  • *this is what I think we will do, and
  • *here is the script if you choose to fill it.
  • *It will assist in this way.
  • *Keep me posted with how you are going and we can revisit if you need to.

She’s a gem. A seriously great find.

There’s seriously no sparkles and moonbeams about her, so we fit hand in glove.

So here I sit – antibiotics day 3, feeling much clearer in so many ways.

My body feels ‘less drain’ because my body has added support to fight the bacteria clearly ‘trying it on’, so I can continue doing as little as I need to without making it worse.

And what I can tell you without condition – is that I have no time for extra silliness. From anyone.

And to be honest, it’s these moments I reassess again, life and choices, and where I spend my energy.

So how do I support my gut in this fight using foreign nasties?

Reclaim my eating habits.

And always always – Booch and Kraut baby.

Kombucha I brew at home and have for YEARS.

Kraut with THE most gorgeous of ingredients from the organic farm up the road.

I START my day with a fork (or 6) full of Kraut.

I have also downloaded a food tracker on my phone. What I can tell you is that my meals are not yet what they should be as my eating habits are working around the end of semester, exams, spring cleaning, and Mind Body Spirit Festival week.

My herb garden is going nuts so that means drying herbs, making infusions, tinctures, lozenges, and ointments.

There’s a lot on and frankly – I HATE antibiotics, yet its what I need to keep me afloat at the moment.

I filled the script because my gut didn’t have a kanipshin when I tuned in.

I overdid it ALREADY.

So reset and the habits I make now will support my desire to not be back here again.

Trust your gut – it will never let you down – it is your second brain my friend.

Listen to it.

Yet support it with ferments, biotics, and divesting yourself of what makes you sick in the first place

Overdoing it.

‘Had a Gutful Yet?”

bullshit plant a garden



It takes 2 to tango to get your body into balance

One of the most prominent things that I remind clients and students is that you have to ask for assistance, support, & healing.

I can tell you WHY its so top of mind for me

Because its the HARDEST lesson I had to learn too.

It’s hard to learn when you are capable

It’s hard to learn when you are shy

It’s hard to learn when you are tired and low

Get the picture? It’s a hard thing to do. It’s no longer natural for us.

Yet it’s NOT impossible

I have a lovely card on my fridge – it lives there.

“It is Natural for my Body to be Well”

But I have to tell you-you can take all the mantras in the world and yell them from the Himalayas and meditate like a boss – however, if you don’t make the steps to getting yourself well…it will fall short long-term

So my journey continues with health and wellness, Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul.

Peace for the mind (going to bed early cocooned in my lovely space)

Food that nourishes and nurtures my body (choice only works with the right mindset)

Compassion and stillness for my heart

Food for the Soul

You have to be on board. You have to make the choices. It cant be done for you on a wing and a prayer.

My card is divine – yet it also reminds me to do the rest of what’s needed


Vegan – Keto – Organic – Anti-Inflamm Superfood. ‘Bliss in a Bowl ‘

Along the way, we sometimes get lost with our diet and lifestyle.  Is this a fad, a necessity, worth trying, OMG how do I make this work?

Yet here is my favorite brew – and it ticks ALL these boxes!

This most amazing soup/meal/snack/bowl of goodness is EASY, and makes my gut – and therefore the rest of my life – feel amazing!

It not only ticks all the Vegan, Keto, Organic, Anti-Inflammatory boxes, its easy to carnivore up as well.

Vegan for me – I felt amazing yet make no mistake – its a choice in life, not a fad.

Keto is not Atkins repackaged, yet its a way of eating to fuel your body designed to make it function as a fat burning machine.

Organic is a choice of where your food comes from, and why.

Anti-inflammatory for me is a must. Its a choice – yet an important one for me.

So what is this magic I hear you ask?

And here is the lowdown.

This brew is seriously unbreakable.

First, kick off your shoes and put on music that makes you want to hum, move, smile

Grab a stockpot, slow cooker, saucepan – big as you have.

Add in :

2L of stock, filtered water, tap water, or whatever water (you get the idea – anything)

1 tbs of :

Tumeric, Ginger, Garlic (powdered, grated, organic preferred, not essential – use what you have)

45527286_293244191313114_8020727094566715392_n (1).jpg

1 small chili (seeds removed) sliced/broken in chunks/diced – don’t rub eyes, lips, or anything sensitive till you wash your hands!

(This time I used a home brewed chili paste – secret squirrel stuff or just squish chilis)

2C sliced brown schrooms – or whatever ones you have – and more if you want.

(See the mushrooms soaking in the golden goodness of my tumeric)


Fill the pot with green veg – the darker green the better – and a few spring onions, some parsley, cilantro if you have – (I didn’t this time).

You will see Kale, chinese broccoli, pak choy, spinach (see below), spring onions, greens – the darker the better…

Just a word on organic vs supermarket : the choice is absolutely yours yet the flavor is entirely different?


A big spoon of Celtic or Himalayan salt and peppercorns

What I then added that you may not have on hand :

Coconut Aminos (call it soy sauce without the soy)

Dulce flakes (red seaweed jam-packed with iodine)

Go buy them – you won’t be disappointed.

Now put it all in and turn it on.

Put it on High in the crockpot/slow cooker for a few hours – trust yourself to know its time to put it on low.

In a Saucepan – just bubbling then simmer.

Vegans stop here…..

These next options take it away from VEGAN, while Staying KETO

3 eggs beaten and whisked in will make it egg drop soup

Shredded chicken which the carni’s can add at their leisure

When its ready, whisk a few eggs up in a small bowl with a fork and slowly pour it into the boiling soup in a thin stream and stir with a fork or any implement really to make the egg shred as it will cook as soon as it drops into the liquid and make little curls and swirls.

Lumpy? No worries.

Not enough? Put more in.

Seriously unbreakable.

The Anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, antioxidant, and adaptogen rich ingredients will help your gut and therefore overall body inflammation settle.

Its YUM.

Did I mention its unbreakable?

So I guess you want to see it?


If only you could smell and taste it!

Steamy. Divine. Yum. GREAT for my Gut.

So why not just do it yourself?

Had a Gutful Yet?

My body will thank me tomorrow 🙂 Will yours?

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