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So NOw wHat…

Excitedly I put the finishing touches in my planner for today…

And I embrace that it’s February already.

There is so much to enjoy when you have freedom to choose

And it tastes even sweeter as you stop long enough to recognise that you ALwAYS have freedom to choose.

You may not have freedom to AcT in the moment

Yet part of manifesting is truly the choice.

The action is facilitated by situation, circumstance, and timing.

Yet NOT A THING will happen

If you don’t begin with a choice.

SO I challenge you to make 1 choice EvERy day this month.

Give it a go.

Just 1.

Feel that freedom and that power in that moment.

The action has a pathway once you do.

It has MUcH more likelihood of suCEEdinG if You DOOOOO

February will be jam packed.

And I look forward to sharing it with you.


What will you ChoOSe ?

Go For It





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