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Stuff them !

I remember years ago after being treated badly in corporate circumstances – I regrouped and came back stronger.

I recall saying to someone – if they were afraid of my strength then – they should be more afraid now.

It was put in less then spiritual terms because it was not a spiritual environment

I however should have seen it more spiritually

That was my test – and my lesson

And I LOVED it

When you find your epiphany

Breathe and extend yourselves



and make NO apologies for who or what you are

Do NOT slow down when others struggle with your strength

It will not serve them nor you

You have a strong light for a reason


feather explosion

The Key is in the hurt

One of the things about putting yourself in a situation

Under pressure

Not to ‘perform’

Yet to just ‘be’

Is that you don’t really know how to just ‘be’

Its not something that you can autopilot

If you are truly looking at things objectively

So you begin to experience

Things in a different way

In real time

In the moment

And you sit with it

As I did this week

And realise

That the discomfort you are feeling

Is the result of

The experience you are seeking….

The feeling of anguish

Of Hurt

That you will allow

to well up

from the depths from which you sunk it

Just as I did

Will bubble their way back up.

They surface

And the problem really is

That the hurt

The feelings

Dont ‘match’ the surroundings.

They have been laying


deep within the psyche

hidden in obscurity

Hindering and challenging

With irrationality

the decisions


and experiences

disconnected, from the whole.

What wells up

Is the realisation

That you were really screwed over

Thrown seriously under the bus

and you were not

in the moment of the experience

capable of clarity.

Just as I wasn’t.

Now however

Though the feelings present

Disconnected from the current reality

Clarity comes.

Yet they – these feelings

are REAL.

They come up with a bang

And can only be looked at

with objective clarity

that this present moment

‘may’ provide.

I say ‘may’ because if you are not ready

or not in the state of readiness

You think you are just bat shit crazy

You feel hurt


however you also berate yourself

for being ‘irrational’.

The cause and effect are timed inconsistently

Which appears irrational

due to the lack of congruency.

Yet allow those feelings to be heard

ignore them at your own peril

yet ABSOLUTELY track back

and match the effect to the cause.

Recognise people as accountable for their actions

The moments that you were not clear as I was not

and took on others bad behaviours


DO NOT hold people accountable for your REACTIONS.

There is the key

The key is in the hurt

You own the REACTION

The way the ‘EFFECT’ played out

and continues to play out.


BE Emotional

Then revel in your perfection

dont HOLD people accountable

Let them hold that burden

YOU have worn it for far too long

How do I know ?

because the key is in the hurt.

No Hurt

No Hold

Let go

No hurt once let go.

Don’t HOLD anyones burden for them

Own your moments



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