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Be the change – even when it looks like people want to take you out….

You always inspire people in the most unlikely ways…
Some will get ‘angry’ and do what they ‘should have done anyway’
Seriously incensed by you actually striving and being happy about it
Others though will decide if you can do it – they can too
I watch the timing of posts I make and know there will be others posting within the hour
EVERY time
Is this a problem? HELL NO
They are doing what they should have been doing all along!
They just needed YOU to be the impetus to pull their finger out!
They will now SHINE brighter – being the best they can be
That is the gift you give that is not necessarily appreciated
Yes, you are the sacrificial lamb sometimes….
However, we don’t DO it for appreciation on a small scale
We do it on a LARGE scale
Be the change you want to see in the world they say
YOU are always someone’s inspiration
Even if it is bathed in gossip and innuendo
Well whatever ended up in ‘their endo’ is you as an inspiration
Even if it feels like others seem to tear you down
Keep going
Ironically without you – the focus of their frustration…they won’t strive to be their best
Others will inspire them too
You are, therefore – in good company in the end!
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