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How Green in my Cactus

Man, you should see my garden…
It is lush, well nurtured, and fertilized
It is also grounding, enjoyable to be within,
and a true testament to the old adage, life is what you make it
So if you are looking for me at the moment…
I am sitting amongst the lavender, sage, and rosemary,
sipping cool drinks that look remarkably like a Mojito
with homegrown mint, natural spring water
…and some clear juju that has been hiding in the freezer…..
in the peace and tranquility
Possibly some homemade lemonade…..and we all know by now that life throws us
lemons for just such uses
(See post about what to do about that one !)
The Apothecary has begun

bullshit plant a garden.JPG

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