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STD – Sexually transmitted drama….

Love my house

Love it

Sure the agent forgot to mention a few things – like when I said I work from home, predominantly online…and I have teens (that clearly do homework and research online…) he could have mentioned the blackspot we live in…notoriously a black spot……

Air con – needed regassing….

Heater thermostat – mind of its own.

He just smiled.

However for the most part…not too many surprises.

So wheres the STD you ask ?

One of the things that my husband experienced – with every house he owned ‘before‘ I met him, was water issues in each house.

Water and kitchen.

Post and pans trying to contain the rain coming into the kitchen at 3am during a storm….how awful !

In hindsight, we giggle and think it runs in the family. Water washing away driveways, you name it.

Happy to giggle – not happy to take it on. No thank you.

Some of you, who understand the symbolism of water being emotions and kitchen being nurturing, will think hmmmmmn…what the hell did you inherit ?

I didn’t really inherit anything other then a trigger.

You see thats what life is full of…symbolism and triggers.

Everything we experience becomes part of our ‘library’. Spirit use that to communicate.

(If you want to know more, come and join me for a workshop. Its always fun exploring together !)

Now some of you might say that the reason I stack all those tea towels and aprons under the sink was spirit saving me from the tsunami.

Others might giggle that I have a few aprons.

The joy of the ‘library’ is that it gets boosted by those who are around us.

Those joint experiences are still partly yours.

So when these things happen under my roof – bloomin’ water issues – I tell him – (and the universe) – I am not interested in taking on those water issues !

Old issues aint my issues.

What I can say is that I am glad that I noticed it today – now that I feel like my house is in order (see my clean office post…)

I got sucked into going to Krispy Kreme’s by my daughter yesterday, which gave me a nice way to pass the time while I watch and see where and how the water flows.

What I do know is that the sugar and caffeine probably wont assist my brain however I know I am in a state of mind to find the problem, plug it, and get on with it.

Not interested in inherited drama, more interested in the bright sunny day ahead.

However, I am not daft. I have been made aware that there is something brewing that relates to overflowing emotions, family and nurturing.

And thats probably not all his. The dates are relevant, however the message is for me this time.

Stay tuned….

Trying to tell me something ?

I can’t help but find amusement in many things that happen in and around me

Anyone who knows me understands that its just the way I look at things

I am not saying that ever moment needs to be analysed and pulled apart

Some things in life are merely moments between moments

Lifes punctuation marks

A comma is merely a breath.

I have had this urge to clean up my office and load up next half of the years workshops and classes

I can’t set sail into the next half of the year until I have a clean office.

Don’t get me wrong – I have bookings into 2017 already set

Its just that I reverse engineer if you will..with spirits guidance.

Many light years ago..when I spent my days in business and accounting

Working on others’ situations, challenges and life plans

I worked EXACTLY the same way as I suggested to them.

Start with a clean slate

Do what you ask of others

And never give up.

So I cleaned the office. It was more of an update really.

I have thrown things out, made a pile at the door with peoples names on it

Tried out the office layout

Sat with it.

Then – I asked for a sign.

Oh dear some of you are saying….why ask for what you know to be right ?

And I did.

As I sat in front of the bookcase putting my last batch of books and notes onto the bottom shelf…

The one I hadn’t cleared out landed face down beside me.

Somehow – somehow – it managed to tip in such a way that it didn’t land on my leg, just above it.


So what are you thinking it means ?

Now I could wonder what was on the bookshelf or I could think about what to throw out.

Personally, I think it was natures way of saying GET THE “:*&& ON WITH IT AND STOP ASKING

Of course it could have been coincidence.

And what if it was ?

Another one of my sayings is

“If it means something to you – its something’.

I also suggest that it might not mean anything to anyone else so decide before you share it what good it will achieve…

So what I am saying is that I have a clean office, I got on with it, I was amused, and I am full steam ahead.

Of course….I am never surprised at the wonderful things I find when I update any area of my house

Stay tuned

Life is good

Life is busy

Life is for living – it aint a spectator sport !

enjoy life more

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