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Getting sucked in – quit the habit

No matter how incredibly ‘aware’ we are

No matter how developed we are in our craft

We still are human.

We still have the ‘potential’ to react in a way that makes us realise –

some shit just doesn’t leave us.

Why ?

Because its our history.

We were a player in someone elses’ learning

Someone elses’ ‘experience’.

The thing is – what we sometimes do…

Is get sucked in – and repeat the behaviour – the reaction…

Even though

We have moved seriously far – in fact we can safely say…

we HAVE ABSOLUTELY moved on.

So its not regressing.

Its certainly not a ‘fault’ in us.

It is an experience

That plays out again and again.

Yet we still in some way, have the potential

to go back to where we were from.

Now I want you to realise how COOL it is – that you react.

Bizarre – yet I want you to look at it this way.

If you go BACK to that situation, and you have no other way of reacting…..

Then it means you haven’t had to face that SHIT since then.

Now thats SERIOUSLY cool.

It means you have made changes that became choices and situations


that have not reappeared – because you didn’t go back there for more.


Yes – you did. And you moved the hell on.

Now here’s the kicker.

YOU have – others may not have.

They are still eliciting the same response.

They may have not managed to elicit it from YOU in a while.

Yet like a toddler who knows you have chocky biscuits….

They are still CHOOSING to try.


When you sit in your experience

And realise you are maybe – overreacting – to what is in front of you…

Realise its like an old bit of laundry

Find the source – find it stuffed in the┬áback of the old couch….

Just kick it to the curb and realise you have found some old scar, some old experience. And you just smile

Because you have found a potential stinker that was still hidden

That you had missed for a while

And you choose you.

You ACT. QUIT reacting.

Unless of course

You like the habit.

Now thats a whole other blog.

Responses repeated become a habit.

If you relive something and react

And Realise you are reacting in an old way

Yet you continue to react with gusto.


You will keep finding stinky laundry

Because you haven’t made the decision

To do a serious clear out.

And you can do it easily.

Dont pull that face.




You just Let that shit go.

Thank no-one.

Its not a ‘thank you’ thing.

Its a seeya.


Move on


Thats what quitting is.


Just DO IT.


One of those days – on purpose..

As I enjoy the Melbourne weather…

Knowing it could hail any moment – because it can

I am breathing in the fresh air

And all the windows and doors are open

Light is flooding in – sunlight – daylight – light.

This is one of those rare days

When I have no appointments

On Purpose.

Now many of you will know, that mediums and psychics

Work odd hours.

Why ?

Because we work for our clients

And for spirit.

I know full well…

Through my own personal experience too….

That I would take a day off to get to an appointment

if I REALLY wanted to get to it.


I choose to work in the evenings

Because its a balance thing.

I run development classes in the evenings.

I speak to students morning, noon and night.

I am on Skype as much as I am sitting with my clients.


I choose days like today.

To Balance my non normal existence.

Because you see me sitting here

Because you see me during the day.

Stopping at home.

I do it on purpose.

To regroup.

When you sit there watching TV and chatting with your family

I might be working.

Vice versa.

So that today

I can rearrange my house.

I can sit with all the doors and windows open.

And not do anything more.

Its healthy.

I have worked 9 – 9pm.

I have 3 children.

Do NOT get sucked into the ‘doing things for everyone else’.

I dont seem so abnormal anymore – do I ?

I am not abdicating responsibility – and I am not suggesting you chuck a sickie

However make better choices holistically

in your life

your Whole life.

Starting now.

Would love to keep posting, however I have washing to hang, in this beautiful sunlit day,

and then I am off to Masters

to buy baskets to fit the laundry cabinets.

I have been wanting to do that for ages.

And this is my moment !@

So Don’t be sucked in.

Balance your life.

No matter who makes you feel you ‘should’ do something else.

An amazing spirit once reminded me….

When you stand there

at the pearly gates

explaining why you did

or you didnt

Look beside you

The buggers that could ‘corroborate’ your story

won’t be there.

So unless you are doing it for you


THINK about it.

Answer to your heart.

Answer to your soul.

And I smiled and walked away from the mirror

Its not rocket science

enjoy life more

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