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Party hard and getting sleep !

I giggle at my Mediumistic life.

Just because many don’t see, hear, or acknowledge the spirit world

Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

My students and clients will all concur

That I advocate for claiming your space

For keeping reasonable hours, and not being available to the spirit world 24/7

Every now and again, at 5/5.30am, when the veils are thinnest

(When most of the prolific dreams I interpret for people are recalled)

Bingo – I am aware.

It may be intentional by Spirit – someone with no boundaries or blissfully unaware

It may be my sensitivities – those spidey senses awoken

And at that moment (with no fear or trepidation) I decide what to do.

It takes no energy from me, just engage my perspective and decide.

I am not fully awake unless I decide its appropriate.


I am either exercising, getting ready for bootcamp, or sleeping.

More the latter than the former these days, however, that’s another blog

Sometimes its because I need to clear the space.

Usually, I do it gently and it’s about transition energy. Yet sometimes enough is enough and its throw out time.

It’s actually about claiming my space.

Now all this mumbo jumbo about veils etc is relative right?

It’s your reality. It’s not 5/5.30am in Europe, is it?

Australian spirit world vs Europe and US spirit world – like really think about it.

It’s about your reality and where you are at. Your body clock, your energetic makeup.

It’s not mumbo jumbo at all – unless you say it without having any concept of what you are speaking of.

Last week I was woken by a song around 4am. I LOVE my sleep so I don’t get crappy about it, I want to know why?

I want to solve, resolve, and rebalance.

I take responsibility for my choices and for what is NOT mine – just as easily.

And I saw my phone light up.

There was a show online from the states and a loved one came through with a message for me within about 2 minutes of me opening the feed.

Ask yourself why. It’s about taking control of your own choices in the smallest and biggest way necessary.

This morning. 5.30am?

My circus? No.

So I cleared out the room this morning, without considering who what or where because it wasn’t my circus come to town. The spirit world arranges the rest.

I considered what else – and picked up my phone and the messages from the UK were EXCITING, to say the least.

Is it scary?  Oh Hell no.

What does it look like? It looks like having to get up and throw out the partygoers so you can sleep.

Have you asked why there are partygoers in the first place?

Its because I am human, mum, have teenagers, had tradesmen in the house, am dealing with transition in the family, and though a responsible and strong educated traditionally trained medium, life is a moving feast, and there is no perfection, no experience without experiences.

I love my sleep

So there better be a good reason I am woken up!

Usually, there is

Sometimes I just forget to check the boundary fence xx

It’s all part of the experience. That’s how we learn.

Am I tired? No. Suns shining, exciting times ahead.

Stay tuned…. The worlds await


Healing – Abundantly simple

I love when I receive messages asking for healing

It is given without condition, always and forever

Because it is from the universe through me – it is never taking from me

So why is this important to understand?

There is no – ‘they are not deserving’

There is no – ‘I haven’t enough to give’

Because it is not being taken from you – nor is it being threaded from you or to you

So consider this then,

People can be a-holes to you –

What they really need is healing

People attack you energetically –

What they really need is healing

Aggressive messages?


People send you healing and love

Call healing for them too

It is not like chocolate – there’s no overload with healing…

We exude it 🙂

They likely think they can take from you – by getting your attention

What they think is they NEED something YOU have – that they don’t

So then,

It is from the universe through you – never taking from you

There is no – ‘they are not deserving’

There is no – ‘you haven’t enough to give’

So it is important to understand because you are better equipped to ask on their behalf

They are not equipped with the clarity

So trapped in the unhappy place that they won’t ask for what they need more than anything

So make it right in your head so you do the right thing

The thing you are equipped to do at that moment

And my goodness there will be loads of these moments…

Give the Universe permission to bring the healing around them that they need

And move along.

It IS that simple.

Because someday you might be that person too – even for a minute, or a day

Don’t live there – just do what is needed and leave it to the experts

And move along knowing you have done what is needed for yourself too

That’s right,

Ask for yourself as well


If you think of it this way you don’t consider what has been done or is being done to you

You won’t consider ‘deserving’, ‘right’, ‘wrong’

Importantly you won’t dredge up feelings

You won’t feed the fueled fire

You won’t be triggered

So you need less rebalancing yourself and have more of your own energy available for the good things in life that you know we have worked hard for

Realise that nobody can rain on your parade. Maybe a light overspray is felt,

We are here for experiences and relationships – good, mediocre and bad.

Yet keep it simple.

Don’t buy in – it’s not necessary

Its just people’s way to let you know they need healing

And you call it for them yet it doesn’t come from you.

And move along

The greatest teacher for us is life.

bruce lee

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