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Busy is not always productive

Being Busy isn’t always a productive thing

We are so busy sometimes that we don’t have 5 seconds to stop and say “this isn’t my shit’

I am passionate about my choices and what I want to do

Such a revelation when you just stop and realise the noise is not from your fans and supporters

Think of it as the rumblings of change

The breaking down of old platforms

Break new ground if you have to, however, make sure it’s your plan, not the noise of others that is your guiding light

heart or not at all


Everyones an expert

I keep wanting to do a video on this theme but with everything going on in the family at the moment, its been on the list too long already

Have you ever noticed that the ones who make the most noise

Arent actually the ones who are doing so for your benefit ?

Think about it.

The people who judge you so harshly

And happily tell you so

And anyone else who will listen…

Arent likely to be your customers

Nor your friends ?

I am pointing this out for ONE reason.

Do NOT change your ways because of ‘others’ words

Change if you feel its right.

The ones who are so vocal about what you do and how you do it ?

They arent likely to join your program or refer you

You arent going to get everything right

You wont get anything right if you are guided by what others box you into

Listen to your own inner voice

Its the one who got you to this point right ?

With so many amazing experiences along the way

Possibly not all positive, yet thats the thing about experiences.

They bring you perspective.

That much needed perspective so you can sift and choose between the options that make your life a symphony.

Everyone musician plays a wrong note. Some play a whole chorus incorrectly

Some play the same note incorrectly over and over

However, no symphony is ever heard if you dont play that note – and dont try.

Next time you even THINK about not doing something because of the backlash or words of others – or how they make you feel – STOP

Are they congruent with your dreams ? The failings of others

Or are they just naysayers who should move along and let you be.

They were never looking to be your friend – well maybe they were – however have no idea what that actually means

They are certainly not looking to be your client

And will not refer you

So DONT listen to the so called experts until you take a close look at their motivations

And most importantly DO NOT give up on your ways or your dreams because of the noise of others

They are perspective – not the rules. Despite what they may say……

good person

Harmless Reminiscing – Right ?

Reminiscing is defined as “indulging in enjoyable recollection of past events”.

Reminiscing means something different to each of us

It’s definitely the time of year for reminiscing, resolutions, and running scenarios though

When we think of someone it is as much as they have been thinking of us and we catch the thought in our minds, or for that matter – we feel it somewhere in our bodies.

We usually either shake it off – or own it.

Something similar to blowing a kiss and feeling it land on your cheek

If we didn’t believe in the power of that kiss, then we wouldn’t blow kisses to our family, our children, our lovers…..and our haters

There’s an intention behind each – or at least you hope there is.

The distinct similarity is that – we receive something

The absolute difference is in how it relates to us personally

We wonder whether that persistent thought is an omen. Sometimes it is.

We question whether there’s some unfinished business we have to attend to – and sometimes it is.

How can you navigate this I hear you yell….

You can ask the question – where is this coming from?

The question is really – is this generated from me for my awareness, decision-making, inner knowing ?

In short – Is this MY shit or someone elses.

So ask WHERE before your even BOTHER about spending time on the WHY !

Ask yourself right now – what part takes the most time and energy from you?

So read on….

I tell my students often that in this situation you may be playing a part in someone else’s story

So decide by asking the question before laying foundations that pave roads where they may not really be required….

Is this mine or someone elses?

You WILL get an answer. So Listen for it.

If you then continue to think about it, consider old times, reminisce with energetic gusto beyond whats needed…

Then its wasting energy that should be available for you for your own work and healing.

Reminisce and enjoy your memories and experiences.

Savor the experiences, laugh and cry.

That is what we are here for and it is what sets us apart as a species.

Take the moment to say ‘well that was interesting to be reminded of xyz’

And leave it right there.


Just remember….


Simple ways to do what you love

Do what you are passionate about every day
If you do loads of things that you don’t love because you have to – and we all cant have a fairytale life with Moet and truffles for breakfast
Then just do a little towards it each day
Let its joy seep its way into everything you do
Do your less favorite chores a little differently
Sing while you scrub the floor
Hum while you type those notes up
Do a two-step every flight of stairs
Stop and look out the window for a minute every hour
Fairly soon it will color and flavor everything even in some small way
2015-01-29 11.47.07

Less Fear More Beauty

We all know she is fearless
Consider the word Beautiful instead….because she is whole and wastes no energy on anything beyond being truly present
Sure it’s great to be powerful and stand in that Goddess Power
However what if I said to you that there is more power and strength in just being all of whom you are
No hidden bits
No holding back
All of whom you are meant to be – and nothing more is needed
Not a bad concept really
You are enough
Less Fear and More Beauty – More YOU

Xmas thoughts and the New Year Ahead…

This year is like no other year before it and no year ahead will be the same as this one either


Depending on the year, that might suit you?


We may have seen some harsh things dealt us, to our loved ones, Facebook comrades, and people that we just meet in the street


There has no doubt been some amazing moments that have touched us deeply


And that’s the thing here


These moments touch us deeply. While some seem to skim past the surface, others seem to leave an indelible imprint on our soul


These experiences shape us – yet more importantly, these experiences give us the opportunity to prove to ourselves and the world what an amazing, loving and compassionate human being we are


How we behave in our finest moments says as much as how we behave in our darkest


I was sitting for moments each day for the last few days, wondering what to tell you all and in some way hoping to inspire you all – like the craziness of my year has inspired me.


I think it is summed up in this.


My hope for the new year, and every year, for all of you, is that we bring our best self to face the challenges, laugh at the spectacular, hold ourselves and other in compassion, and breathe new life into every moment.


You may not feel it’s your only life, however, it’s the moment we have now, and I want to live it in love with life, the world, and you all.


Have an amazing Christmas celebration, even if it’s you are sitting on a deserted beach, with a load of family and friends, or anything in between.


Be the wind in your sails, the skip in your step, and the chuckle that becomes deep uncontrollable belly laughing.


Hop, skip jump and leap into 2018 with all the gusto you can muster


Lassoo life, lace it up, step out and wear those challenges well, like suits of armour made of what didn’t and will not defeat you


Whether you make it look like a cool runway stroll or a calamitous body roll, I look forward to seeing you and hearing all about it this time next year


Stay well. Do it your way. Live.

























How Green in my Cactus

Man, you should see my garden…
It is lush, well nurtured, and fertilized
It is also grounding, enjoyable to be within,
and a true testament to the old adage, life is what you make it
So if you are looking for me at the moment…
I am sitting amongst the lavender, sage, and rosemary,
sipping cool drinks that look remarkably like a Mojito
with homegrown mint, natural spring water
…and some clear juju that has been hiding in the freezer…..
in the peace and tranquility
Possibly some homemade lemonade…..and we all know by now that life throws us
lemons for just such uses
(See post about what to do about that one !)
The Apothecary has begun

bullshit plant a garden.JPG

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