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But you told them everything…

One of the hardest things to deal with when you have a parting of the ways

Will be your own mind.

The conscious mind is built with the directive to help you make sense of things

It is part of our ability to remain…well….sane.

Yet it does so from your experiences and your perception at that time.

So if you have had a few people shaft you – then thats part of the perspective

If you have made decisions that you aren’t proud of, yup – perspective.

You will decide against that (well hopefully)

Whether a love or any friendship goes south, you probably shared some of your darkest moments

Shared some of your deepest secrets

And then all of a sudden you are not connected anymore

You can not sit in fear. It will not serve you.

Yet… you worry.

Add to that the fact you have already heard the talk get back to you – or think you have

Our conscious minds make stories fit.

However nothing is as destructive as your mind chatter.

Whats said is said

Whats done is done

If they share your details – they will

If they use it to make others like you less

Those people aren’t for you anyway.

If you are faced with legal papers that tell some fanciful version of the truth – deal with it THEN – when you receive them – IF you receive them that is….

Because nothing will be anywhere near as destructive as you worrying about it.

The moment you start to dwell – STOP

There is a reason you move one

Whether it is your choice or not.

Maybe you have grown. Maybe others have.

Lots of maybe’s yet the thing – the ONLY to spend your mindful moments on


How do you feel

Who are you. Now. In the present.

A narcissist,  a gaslighter, will have you asking yourself loads of questions

Questioning yourself. Your sanity.

And steal time away from you if you let them.

And it is truly YOU who let them.

I liken it to unpicking the ties that bind.

Many years ago these people and these behaviors were hidden yet now they are there in the open for all to see

Yet your mind – where you question…is not.

Allow it to be a safe space – for YOU.

Sure you told them your deep secrets.

You shared tears and joys, your inner thoughts and feelings.

In fact its probably in writing in triplicate

Its done.

Whats done is done.

Whats said is said

If its shared then its shared.

You however are still amazing

Everyone has a chink in their armour

Everyone has skeletons they wish they didn’t have

Don’t allow anyone to steal your happiness

Don’t allow anyone to – including yourself.

You are amazing.

Move forward, stop worrying, embrace who you are and know you are MAGICAL










Healthy living series….Join me in 2019

One of the most exciting parts of my journey is the sharing

Some might suggest I overshare…

Yet its the age of it isn’t it?

Whether you are a new enquirer or a convert, I know you will enjoy the guests I have lined up and the topics we will be covering

We will start with :

  • Fermenting for gut health
  • The inflammation trap
  • East meets West : Philosophy and Wisdom
  • Herbalism and you : Food as Medicine
  • Planting out a Medicinal garden
  • Intuitive Healing : Listening when your Energy speaks


Finding your Bliss has such a ring to it, and the overall Theme for 2019 will be just this

Join in the series for a little or a lot.

Healthy Living Series

Finding Your Bliss



Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul


Bring in 2019


Waking up has become so much easier!

I know being healthier and taking care of myself is a great thing

It’s actually necessary for a long and healthy life

If you want the backstory, read about my gut health and inflammation journey

However, I still can’t get over how much better I feel

Don’t get me wrong – I would love an extra days sleep

Yet I am not hearing the alarm and hating it

In fact, I wake before the alarm most days and am not exhausted

A friend said to me to today – you sound exhausted!

I am tired from the year or so of upheaval, yet I am not exhausted

And believe you me, I know what exhausted feels like

What I feel is lighter.

I feel like the weight is off my shoulders in so many ways. And it is, to be honest.

Yet I FEEL that way. I am actually feeling it.

I looked in the mirror and literally, I stood taller today. Because my gut isn’t so bloated, my back isn’t having to try and find the center of balance the same old way

I have probably lost about 5 or 6 kilos yet that’s as much from mindset as it is from lifestyle.

What did I actually do?

I went back to what worked for me in the past and correlated that to what I enjoy.

And my nutrition studies have given me so many answers!

So I loved the vegan way of food, yet as I have mentioned before – vegan is a lifestyle choice based on passion and integrity in choices. It’s a philosophy really.

I can’t do the red meat thing as my carnivore ways do my system over.

I will be honest – I can go without animal products quite comfortably.

And I hydrate.

Yet I also embrace my herbal plants and remedies, right down to my teas as you know

So carbs pretty much kill my system as quickly as dairy.

Carbs turn to sugar as soon as they enter the system. There are 3 structures of carbs and they ALL do the same thing.

Sugars aggravate my body and cause skin eruptions and scar-like welts for me

People think I have burn scars.

Dairy just aggravates my intestinal system and also shows up on my skin

So I limit them big time.

And it is making me feel amazing. So I will continue with it.

The real upside?

I wake without feeling exhausted. I am awake, not groggy.

Sleep-ins are a joy – not a desperate necessity

And rousing teenagers is much easier now that I am not dragging myself out as well!

(Much to their disgust)

I still hit the snooze button even though I am awake

Yet I don’t hang out for the extra snooze, because I don’t NEED it

I am living life, and busy as it is, I have more time because I am present.

What am I doing wrong?

I am not pacing myself at the evening end of the day and taking it easy enough.

Reflect, Review, Tweak, and make changes.

Next is regular exercise.

I think you have to get your diet right first, or the good things like movement and exercise become stressors and pressures

Life is becoming easier from the inside out

‘Had a Gutful yet’



Healing, like happiness – is an inside job

As a healer, lightworker, medium, mum, ‘sassy warrior of a woman over 50’, it is necessary to take a holistic approach to my work – in fact, my life really.

I have found over the last 10 years – and even more so over the last 5, that I do as many healings as I do readings – which makes my heart sing

Readings are always a form of healing anyway

Though I am not a medico (and those of you who have ever had a session with me will have heard this) I get a sense of what’s happening with clients – mind, body, and soul.

It’s all energetic.

Whether it’s your guides, your granny, or your energy and auric field, its all information that comes

The key though, is that you are the only one who can implement ANYTHING

Knowing is just the beginning

I absolutely LOVE that I can be a part of that journey, however, the choice always remains yours.

At the moment my choices are more prominently healer heal thyself

It is always my mantra. Yet the best way forward has to be intuited.

It is imperative to see it as trial and error – NOT win-lose.

Trials have shown me that when it comes to my body, some herbal concoctions are not to be used before going out in public……

I am blessed to have the Crystal Bed from John of God in Brazil (Abadiania to be precise)

The healing is profound, yet clients always mention gaining great insight during the healing

Chakra balancing, energetic resetting, and adjustments, cocooned in THE coziest place in the universe might I add.

When I bring the healing bed to Mind Body Spirit Festivals across the country, people are surprised at the healing received even in the craziness of the convention and exhibition centers. That cocooned space feels like heaven, even in that environment.

Spirit is very clever, and certainly, make it work – every time.

Happiness wells up from a place that at times has felt barren.

Changes are made

January 2019 sees my series begin in full flight

Through various media, with guest experts, Q & A’s, hints, tips and sharing – I will share what I know, what we know, and what is out there

Excited to be on track


That’s so much about YOU as well

Trust your Gut (see how it always reminds us!)

It will never let you down

Healing, like Happiness, is an inside job


Had a gutful yet?


hearts background b & w


you did good (even if it felt like crap)

We are so very good at being disappointed in ourselves arent we?

We feel we should have ‘got the memo’ before now

How often have you scolded yourself for not getting it together before now?

What I can tell you is this.

Everything you ever do – even those things you wish you hadnt….did put some energy into this world of ours and enabled someone to learn and to utilise, as the impetus for their own growth

So some of you will be thinking why is ‘enabling’ someone a good idea?

Well toss aside what you recall from Dr Phil about ‘enabling’ being bad. That’s not what he meant at all.

Everything we do exudes energy.

You are doing your little bit to enable another to catch a glimpse of their true potential.

We work from abundant accumulated energy.

So you are enabling the possibility for the individual to raise the energy of humanity itself

Pretty cool – no pressure.

However this is the really cool bit.

Ever tried to contain light?

So when you chastise yourself for those things you did whilst you were off course….

Consider that you brought light that shone beyond you…like dominoes.

There is never ‘one’ individual that has the opportunity to see the infinite possibilities that begin with one step, one choice, one moment when someone turns on the light.

So my suggestion to you is that everything you have ever done (and ever will do) is healing.

Healing is bringing light of awareness to enable growth potential.

Healing is enabling another to find their way forward

Just think for a moment what Healing is to you..

Healing is X

Healing is Y

Healing is Q

We often say that you never know what battle someone is fighting inside

Everything you have ever done has had some benefit somewhere beyond the product of what you ‘did’

You were at times the sacrifice to the energy needs of others

Well guess what

It might have felt like crap – even for days – yet that’s a whole other blog post about strategies to manage and contain your energy

Yet I promise you-you did good in the world.

You did good.

So stop right now chastising yourself for anything you ever did.

I am NOT SAYING relinquish responsibility for what was done

I AM saying – as I ALWAYS say – there’s a gift in it – even if you weren’t the recipient.

You did good in the world.

That doesnt mean you should just go and do whatever because it does some good

That feels pretty crap and why would I advocate that?

Is not asking yourself to bring the best of you.

And thats also part of it

You chastise yourself because you think you ‘could’ have brought the best of you yet instead you brought 60% – and should have known better.

Well I say BA HUMBUG to coulda shoulda woulda

So let that S#*% go and be your authentic sensational you.

.i believe

No regrets.



Party hard and getting sleep !

I giggle at my Mediumistic life.

Just because many don’t see, hear, or acknowledge the spirit world

Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

My students and clients will all concur

That I advocate for claiming your space

For keeping reasonable hours, and not being available to the spirit world 24/7

Every now and again, at 5/5.30am, when the veils are thinnest

(When most of the prolific dreams I interpret for people are recalled)

Bingo – I am aware.

It may be intentional by Spirit – someone with no boundaries or blissfully unaware

It may be my sensitivities – those spidey senses awoken

And at that moment (with no fear or trepidation) I decide what to do.

It takes no energy from me, just engage my perspective and decide.

I am not fully awake unless I decide its appropriate.


I am either exercising, getting ready for bootcamp, or sleeping.

More the latter than the former these days, however, that’s another blog

Sometimes its because I need to clear the space.

Usually, I do it gently and it’s about transition energy. Yet sometimes enough is enough and its throw out time.

It’s actually about claiming my space.

Now all this mumbo jumbo about veils etc is relative right?

It’s your reality. It’s not 5/5.30am in Europe, is it?

Australian spirit world vs Europe and US spirit world – like really think about it.

It’s about your reality and where you are at. Your body clock, your energetic makeup.

It’s not mumbo jumbo at all – unless you say it without having any concept of what you are speaking of.

Last week I was woken by a song around 4am. I LOVE my sleep so I don’t get crappy about it, I want to know why?

I want to solve, resolve, and rebalance.

I take responsibility for my choices and for what is NOT mine – just as easily.

And I saw my phone light up.

There was a show online from the states and a loved one came through with a message for me within about 2 minutes of me opening the feed.

Ask yourself why. It’s about taking control of your own choices in the smallest and biggest way necessary.

This morning. 5.30am?

My circus? No.

So I cleared out the room this morning, without considering who what or where because it wasn’t my circus come to town. The spirit world arranges the rest.

I considered what else – and picked up my phone and the messages from the UK were EXCITING, to say the least.

Is it scary?  Oh Hell no.

What does it look like? It looks like having to get up and throw out the partygoers so you can sleep.

Have you asked why there are partygoers in the first place?

Its because I am human, mum, have teenagers, had tradesmen in the house, am dealing with transition in the family, and though a responsible and strong educated traditionally trained medium, life is a moving feast, and there is no perfection, no experience without experiences.

I love my sleep

So there better be a good reason I am woken up!

Usually, there is

Sometimes I just forget to check the boundary fence xx

It’s all part of the experience. That’s how we learn.

Am I tired? No. Suns shining, exciting times ahead.

Stay tuned…. The worlds await


Noisy F%$#rs arent they….

Do you realise

That the harshest voice in your head – is yours ?

Perpetuated by conditioning of old most likely

We allow ourselves to be labeled

Initially, we want identity

And we like it

It helps us make sense of the world

That’s when you were 5.

However, at some point

We began to believe

That ALL labels were true

Those we encouraged for ourselves

Those beautiful and loving ones

Somehow made way for those Shi%$y ones

They crept into our dictionary, our vocabulary

And when the going gets a little hairy

They come out

They creep out and give us a vocabulary

Now the words themselves aren’t bad

They are just an alphabet arranged

How we USE them is where the damage is done

The words each time used

Become easier to say and hear

Those noisy words that roll off the tongue

Become easier to wear

And in the silence – in your mind –

Nobody can point out how destructive and wrong they are

How wrong YOU are about YOURSELF

Yet those noisy little f&%@ers label

And unless you stop the labels early – they become ingrained

However, all is not lost !

In fact I bet some of those noisy little lines say you are lost – right ?

The moment you stop the noise

The moment you say no – I am more than that label.

It stops. Instantly.

In fact – find a new word

Get the goddam thesaurus happening

Find 20 new ways to say A-mazing

Find 12 new words for passion, empowered, soulful

And label away – yet choose the right label

Not those Noisy little f$@%#rs of old

That does NOT serve you

Be passionate

Be Bold

Don’t be your own worst enemy

Peace. xx

words spells

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