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Strange yet true….

Its a strange feeling…

Catching up and finalising….

It is also interesting how ‘not finalising – not committing’ is similar to

not say things out loud

Worrying more about what the repercussions of your truth will have

on those around you

Worrying about someone else’s reaction

is giving your power away

Saying and doing what needs to be done for yourself

Feels weird – often


It doesn’t feel wrong

It feels different

Which is unfortunate when you think about it…

Your truth feels right to you

Unless you have forgotten what your truth feels like


Its not Psychic

I have a giggle


at how much I have instilled the reality

into my children

that I am truly psychic

and I know everything.

Now any mother will know

We know more then the child

due to our experience

which includes doing


the same thing

at their age

and now seeing the other side.

My kids know quite well

That I AM psychic

I can tell them many things

right down to the colour of their underwear,

who they played with yesterday

and how much they ate for lunch.

Because I KNOW

doesn’t mean I look.

Now the fun part

and I do mean FUN


is when one of their friends


‘How does you mum know that ?’

My kids

yes, it rolls off the tongue

answer instinctively…

She’s Psychic.

Most of them leave it at that.

Now one of my eldest sons friends

Who was just about lived with us at one stage

Asked ‘what does that mean ?’

My blessed Man child says – she just knows everything.

So I smile.

Of course I smile.

because I also knew that the boy needed a home

or at the very least – a place away from home –

and needed one where there was no bullcrap.

Knowing I knew everything – meant he didn’t bother.

He just enjoyed.

Why ?

No facade.

However – the point of the post.

You are all clever

You are all psychic too –

You have spider senses just like I

You just haven’t honed or fine tuned them.

My kids wondered how I knew they had eaten pizza

in the loungeroom

in front of the TV

No Doubt (I am psychic remember)

Feeding the dog as well.


Now my well trained brood….

Assume it’s because I am psychic.

I am not going to say I am not….

However I mop the floor

I see the pizza remnants

and I know my kids.

So you See


Its just being a mum or dad.

Trust your instincts

and have a laugh


What is wrong with kids thinking you know stuff ?


Of course my kids are psychic too

So I laugh harder because


Have a great day


peace be with you

Vows of Silence

Some days I do not understand

Why there is the need for this facade

The facade that streams incredible intelligent people

into an envious position

or a position to be envious

of others.

Wondering why there is always so much fuss made of ‘others’

Others’ stuff

Others’ things

Others’ possessions

Others’ luck

Others’ incredible lives

Why is it that we

Our own brand of incredible

Needs to covet another ?

I do not understand

And I don’t understand how to include this sort of ‘why’

into the teaching I bring to my children.

because that is an issue for me

I wish to be a role model

I wish – to be honest –

to have all the answers

before they are asked of me

So that I

Can bring forth

a set of children

who know their worth

and that their worth is boundless

much like their energy

before the whole world takes over

and makes them question whom they are…

and what they are made of…

rather then just realising

they are nothing short of incredible

just the way they are.

Wondering why

has only led to looking externally

which leads us to seeking externally

as I have said before.

The truth is within.

So do NOT withhold the intention

the mere suggestion

that you are incredible

from yourself when you ask it

Yes – and you do ask it

A lot.

You ask yourself why

and what does ‘Why’ mean ?

It asks us to rationalise where we should just allow ourselves to shine

Shine and know the answer

rather then look internally and see nothing.

We seek externally

because we do not trust that the light that shines

from us internally

that is SO incredible

is possibly ours.

So for a moment.

Be Silent.

Know that your incredibility is TRUE

You are Incredibly YOU


hearts background b & w

Why you should STOP filling the space

You know its true.

We all DO it.

We try to fill the space


Maybe – Just MAYBE

The discomfort – is your soul realigning

And you don’t let it do that enough

so you are WRONG

it is NOT incorrect

It is really not UNCOMFORTABLE

it is NEW….to you

NEW sensations are sometimes confronting

Yet thats no reason to NOT do something new….

Is it ?

Your soul

Your energy –

it is realigning


you gave it space to do so


Every time you go to FILL the space with sound


You do not allow yourself

to breathe

to realign


There is another reason why

You should NOT fill the space….


Healer – Heal thyself….Um….How ?

The words ring in my ear

From a teacher – taskmaster – friend – tormentor

Healer Heal Thyself…


I tell my students




You are perfection

Standing at the doorway

to infinite possibiities

The rest is your choice.

If Life is dishing you lemons

You dont have to always just ‘Suck them up’

Check in

Reality Check

Likely –

Its not you

Its situations


around you

That are impacting you

In some way

Or Another.

He used to say to me

“Healer – Heal Thyself”

And I would ask my teacher – how ?

He would look…


(yes I didn’t like him much some days)

and walk away.


So I decided

I would have to find out

I already KNEW

It would be the hard way.

Yet I knew it had to be.

I have the absolute good fortune

To count THE most amazing Healer as my friend.

Benjamin Venes

An AMAZING healer

A – Mazing.

I have had THE MOST AMAZING HEALING with him today.

Its something I need to do regularly.

Now I used to think that my Teacher meant I had to go and fix myself

Go and work out what was in need

And Self Heal.

And I did just that.

I actively healed myself.


I realised.

(Because he slipped once and gave the game away).

He said – you have friends in high places.

AHA – penny dropped.

So….what he meant


Go and access the healing you need

Instead of sitting around

without balance

Without knowing

Incongruent to your truth.

The Key is simple.

When I feel out of kilter

And I don’t know exactly why..

The give away is what I like to call

‘Stinking Thinking’.

Melodramatic – I know.

It is thinking that pops into my mind

That is anything other then

  • Gratitude
  • Belief
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Self Worth

It is the little questioning voice vs the voice of reason

It is the negativity

The second guessing

Ring any bells for you ?

I notice many small things and all are energetic.



Subtle more importantly.

Off Kilter.

And its time for a healing.




Yourself a Healer.

Because even a healer like myself

(and maybe more so…)

Needs to access those friends in high places

Who can be brought in

through the love

and healing

Of another.

SO DONT suffer in silence

Trying to heal thyself – thyself.

Access healing with those friends in high places

Either yourself – and thats completely fine…


Go and be the receiver.


You can’t GIVE

What you can’t RECEIVE

Its part of the Universal Law.

A Rebel – and I have been known to be one at least once before…

Is about breaking limitations, stereotypes – Rules

Cleverness is a measure of picking the ones to break.

**Healer Heal Thyself 


**You can only give what you can Receive.

2 Biggies – dont break these.




Escaping is exciting right ?

There is something


about the ‘Escape’

It suggest

For a moment

That you have extracted yourself from something

Some clutches

Some force that you were with

Beholding too even….

The word escape conjures up images

Of taking your moment – or at least it does for me

Seize the moment and escape !!!

Now melodrama over,

When you feel the NEED to escape

There is a whole new motivation

It is driven by the basic concept of


Now Maslow built a whole hierarchy around it

and every conflict known to humanity

It about Needs and Wants and the tug of war that ensues


If I said to you – you need to take a break


Its because you look like you need to – energetically or physically

One of the MOST important things I encourage my Mentees

Whether in the Business or Spiritual Development Mentorship programs

Well actually all workshops on development…

Is to factor in the time for yourself FIRST

START there and build around it

It makes sense though doesn’t it ?

You are where everything starts

So start there


you will be

where everything


Many times I discuss the fact

that you are the bottleneck to your own success

Why ?

because you wait till you feel the need to escape

Rather then having the objective time out

and feeling motivated to return to your passion


Escape vs passionately motivated.

Leave the ‘Escaping’ to the marketing slogans on the holidays away

You will have already marked out time for them before you start

Right ?

Its too late when you feel the need to escape.

It is NOT too late though.

If you are in the grips of ‘help me escape….’

Know you are feeling the need to escape


Factor in your NEXT escape

And you can work towards it.

For over 25 years my husband used to slog his way to Easter

Knowing that he was escaping

It kept him going from Xmas break.

Now that he has started a business from nothing in his 50’s

(Something he is actually passionate about let me tell you !)

And because he has spent some 30 years slogging his way through his days

He grinned at the prospect of escaping at Easter

Grinning vs praying for the day to come quicker so he could escape.

Sure we escaped,

yet it was escaping the everyday scenery

Not the everyday slog.

Escape for the right reasons

Not because you feel you can’t function if you don’t

Because it a little bit naughty and fun


Not praying

ships bell

Never doubt yourself – share baby ! Share !

What you think is amazing

Don’t ever doubt your worth

When you come up with something

An idea

A solution

A catchphrase

Share it in your own voice

What do I really mean by that ?

Stop worrying about what others are doing

Don’t consider what is ‘trending’ right now

Unless you have a spare mill to check the market first

In that case

Go for it


Just remember….

That your voice and your brand is what people really want to hear

NOT your competitors

or a derivative of it

And thats what will happen

intentionally or otherwise

If you spend more time worrying about others

then you do allowing yourself to shine

Just be you

Its a sensational thing to be

and something NOBODY else can master

So stop mastering someone else

and Start being you

We will rejoice when you share it.

Don’t be disheartened when someone downloads

and shares your words and gems

as their own

and they will.

I have someone in mind who never ‘shares’

They download, save and upload as if its their own ‘find’

How do I know how this works ?

I wondered how she did it

and I experimented.

Always give credit where it is due

And know that when you share

wherever it ends up

is fabulous

Not sharing your gems

your pearls

now thats not fair

You are worth more then your worries

your concerns


be Proud

I for one will be waiting

and smiling

Peace out


peace be with you

Just Fluffing around still ?

There is something quite decadent about just sitting

Sitting knowing you have nothing pressing

Or sitting knowing you have stuff to do

Yet just aren’t going to do it

Growing up my mum was always busy

Always working

whether in the home or outside it

and she was always tired.

Her words ring in my ear now…..

Maybe she does take the time

to sit

Just sit

I know she has a social calendar to rival mine

However what it shows me

Is that having time

Is gold

It doesn’t matter what others do with it

Its what you do with it

And if fluffing around feels good

Do it


And this is the biggie for me

When I have loads to do

and as a mum, entrepreneur, mentor, medium, psychic, wife and seeker generally…..

I will always have loads to do


And don’t feel sympathy for me – I love it….

Its a conscious choice.

Yet the moment for me was realising

It all didn’t need to be done


So thats pretty cool


It does need to be done

Stuff does need to be done –

for me to feel like my life is happening




Take the time


Set aside the time


And balance it with what needs to be done in your life

Or you might (will) spend the evening grumping around

Because you feel you have been fluffing around

and you deserve (rightfully) some time to yourself

Yet all in Balance.

Permission to live

Permission to work

Permission to enjoy

Your the giver of permission

Permit yourself balance

and don’t make the words ‘fluffing about’

mean you spent your time


It wasn’t valueless

Because it was time with yourself

Because you are not valueless

Unless you are escaping what you need to do

And thats a whole other blogpost..

Stay tuned

We will cover it off tomorrow

peace be with you

Haunted houses are pretty clever

One of the most ‘interesting’ houses I lived in

Was the old bush nursing hospital in Lilydale Vic.

There are many tales I can tell you

About that house….and its ‘occupants’

And they are all amazing !

My classmates called it

The Amityville Horror House

And I loved it.

It kept us safe

(Let me tell you it was needed)

And about the only thing

That caused us to realise our normal wasn’t really others’ normal

Was the way the house used to speak with us.

Not just the kids running down then hallway giggling in the middle of the night when everyone living was asleep

Or the old dentist who used to walk the hallway whenever he felt like it

Its the way that we asked a question…

And when we listened…

we got the answer…

I remember knowing that when someone wasn’t for my higher good

or for the good of the kids

They just couldn’t stay there

They wouldn’t visit

Well they did – they just couldn’t bring themselves to come in the door

Seriously – they would ask to sit on the verandah with me in the sun vs coming in

I recall a friend (well the house was right is all I can say…)

Who came to stay, with her kids in tow

and she set up in the lounge room for a sleepover.

And by 11pm left with her family and bedding under their arms

as fast as their feet could carry them !

She turned out to be a complete disaster

And the clever house was right.

Now the main point was that I heard a song today and it took me back xx

I remember one afternoon having the radio blaring as I was cleaning the house

And the radio starting scrolling up and down and I would ask a question

It would then stop at a radio station and play a song

Until I ‘got’ the answer

Like a game of Audio charades

(welcome to my world)

Then I would ask another.

I knew I got the answer right because the radio would start scrolling.

Right about now….. some of you are freaking out

Am I Right ?

Its all fine

and it was a wonderful time in a less then wonderful time of my life


I remember someone text me during all this,

and I wondered what they were ‘about’

Why with such obvious healing abilities

They just used to keep screwing up.

I just couldn’t understand why.

And the line of this song came on.

“Cause we all have wings….but some of us don’t know why”

It was an epiphany for me

About then I realised that we are all on our own journey

And mine began to move forward instantly

When I realised

That mine didn’t involve asking and pondering about others

It was about my own quest

Is that what is stalling your journey ?

Your pondering and questioning about others instead of just about yourselves ?



On Proving things….



I have noticed these things more and more

I think when you notice something, you begin new patterns of awareness

I love my blog because I get to muse about things that I feel are important

I Love it when someone messages me and tells me it make them smile or think – even just for a second

What I have noticed more recently

When I see 11:11 and am ready to post it up

The mouse won’t work

or the batteries are flat

or I can’t get service

Which makes me ask the question

Is it because I feel the need to prove

Prove I am aware ?

What does this contribute ?

Interesting thought

Now many of you who have done any workshopping with me

Will know about my teacher early on.

He was a complete PRICK

However – an amazing medium

He always used to say to me

‘You just aren’t that clever Nicole’

And to be honest

He was right – within the context of WHERE my information

and clever awareness was coming from

Spirit – I am spirit incarnate right ?

However Spirit is an intelligence

and it is from spirit the awareness comes

So I am that clever – when I am connected to source

What he was trying to say

In his destructive way…..

was that it is spirit that is the intelligence

So lately when I have felt the need to share

The only things that I have not had trouble sharing

Is gorgeous quotes

Inspirational thoughts

Loving moments

Not the awareness’ that are for me exclusively

So I question now

Is it to prove my awareness that I share this

or is it to raise awareness and my sharing is part of that catalyst for change

Global – on mass….




What do you think ?

good person

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