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Out with old – in with the new – Which comes first ?

Interesting question…

It has always been an interesting question.

Which came first – the Chicken or the Egg ?

Easy to sit and contemplate when its not your chicken right ?


Trust – and all will work out.

Ever heard that ?


So here are my thoughts given the last few weeks of purging and flooding.

The synchronicity of events isn’t always clear.

They are however



Even when we DONT notice they are.

The last few weeks I have purged some very unhealthy connections

Connections that have been unhealthy – not because of the hygiene of the connections !

The connections that no longer serve EITHER party.

Me being the important party here.

It is not being SELFISH. It is being SELF.

Its been like a TSUNAMI



However, its been cathartic.

Heaven sent.


I notice that my students and friends are having a similar experience.

I tried of course – to pinpoint what started it.

I know I have been impressed to run the vision board workshop since last year.

I decided to do it – and I put the flyer out there


Everything started to manifest,

I see the synchronicity

Its pretty clear.

Yet our conscious mind likes to find reason when there doesn’t always need to be.

It seems simple – put out the vision to empower others in their manifestations.

The manifestation begins.

I have watched and experienced within minutes – synchronicity.

One call is made, the next message comes in

Out with the first.

Replaced in a heartbeat with its healthier replacement.

Door doesn’t feel like my door anymore

Close it gracefully

With clear communication about my experience in it (not the same as my reasons or my perceived defences by the way….)


Another is already opening.

Yesterday – messages emotionally charged come in.

Let that all go. Not my circus – not my monkeys.

This morning – new messages continue to pop in whilst on the phone receiving a new offer to replace it tenfold.

Opportunities opening.

And opening they have


My goodness it is hard to trust some days

Trust that you are not walking away from something to nothing

Trusting that what feels wrong is actually wrong enough to say Thank you – No.

We all go through that OMG why is it not HAPPENING for me

And we will all go through it multiple times in our lifetime.


My mantra.

I am open to receiving

That which is for my highest good.

And I am receiving in divine timing

Giggling all the way.


knife cut the cord

Dont hide – people will behave their chosen way anyway

One of the biggest mistakes we make


is to hide when we feel threatened.

Whether you are being bullied at work

at home

by an ex partner with too much time on their hands

Just remember this.

Intimidation is about asking you to DIM your light

because OTHERS can’t handle it.

That doesn’t make you wrong.

It makes it even MORE important to shine.

MORE important.

Why really though ?

Because you are a light

Lights are meant to SHINE

And each of us has had the stuffing kicked out of us at some point

In fact some of us at MANY points in our lives…

Like fine wine – we get better with age

UNLESS we hide in the dark and go sour.

And thats what the intimidation and bullying is designed to do.

Bring YOU down and make you one of the sour bunch.

That proves to your bully – to your intimidator

that you are in fact – the same as them.

It proves to them

that your energy was only a glimmer

A mistake – and the world really is hard work and bitter.

Just how it works for them.


Look through YOUR lens

Look through the light in your soul

See with the love in your heart

FEEL that light


Stuff them – DO NOT HIDE

They will behave their way anyway.

If you hide – you prove them right.

Sour and dim.

Your role in this lifetime is NOT to keep the bully and the intimidator active.

SHINE like the LIGHT has possessed you

Not the bully !

Another reason you should SHINE

Is because they need a role model

Something has changed them

They have had an experience

And its not your JOB to save them

Its your ROLE to SHINE like the beautiful diamond you know you are.

I am not saying scream from the rooftops.

You can always do that – like I tend to…

DONT HIDE in print either !

People will print copies of your profiles and say – SEE – that’s what you should be doing


DONT HIDE from those who seek to intimidate.

I am saying just by knowing your light


People will behave badly anyway

Just rip off that bandaid and SHINE

It was probably not your bandaid to begin with


single bulb lit up


It never seems to amaze me

How people assume

If you have people around you

Who say yes to everything you say

You assume –

They agree with you.

They are saying yes to hearing you

They will likely be working out

How to not converse with you.

Why ?

Well people in positions of strength

Especially those in their own business

Have to self manage.

What is that all about ?

Its about realising

Your perception of doing the right thing

Has to be from your own perception

Which needs to be checked


Because you have nobody else

To remind you

That you are being unfair, unreasonable




Too giving


Beware – and I do mean BEWARE

of listening to all the ‘yes’ people around you

and letting your inner barometer

be skewed by

your outer thermometer.


Dont Diss those who

tell you that the bubble

of bullshit

created as reality

is just that – buuuullllshiiiiiit.

Realise that the ones who stand up

are probably the only ones

who are telling you the truth

Unpalatable as it may be.

You need to check in

And the words you hear may not always be true

Yet just because you dont like them

Realise it doesn’t make them untrue.

Sure, we know you will always find someone else

to fill your business,

buy your product.

You probably tell people that waaaaaay to often

if I am on the money with you.

You know that self fulfilling prophecies

always end in tears.

So remember

The ones who tell you the truth

Are not being disloyal

In fact

They may be the only loyal ones

Yet make no mistake

They are being loyal to themselves too.

And as the Disney cartoons sing away…..

It was either those rascally chipmunks or the 7 dwarves….

Yet its true….

‘And always let your conscience be your guide’


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