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Xmas thoughts and the New Year Ahead…

This year is like no other year before it and no year ahead will be the same as this one either


Depending on the year, that might suit you?


We may have seen some harsh things dealt us, to our loved ones, Facebook comrades, and people that we just meet in the street


There has no doubt been some amazing moments that have touched us deeply


And that’s the thing here


These moments touch us deeply. While some seem to skim past the surface, others seem to leave an indelible imprint on our soul


These experiences shape us – yet more importantly, these experiences give us the opportunity to prove to ourselves and the world what an amazing, loving and compassionate human being we are


How we behave in our finest moments says as much as how we behave in our darkest


I was sitting for moments each day for the last few days, wondering what to tell you all and in some way hoping to inspire you all – like the craziness of my year has inspired me.


I think it is summed up in this.


My hope for the new year, and every year, for all of you, is that we bring our best self to face the challenges, laugh at the spectacular, hold ourselves and other in compassion, and breathe new life into every moment.


You may not feel it’s your only life, however, it’s the moment we have now, and I want to live it in love with life, the world, and you all.


Have an amazing Christmas celebration, even if it’s you are sitting on a deserted beach, with a load of family and friends, or anything in between.


Be the wind in your sails, the skip in your step, and the chuckle that becomes deep uncontrollable belly laughing.


Hop, skip jump and leap into 2018 with all the gusto you can muster


Lassoo life, lace it up, step out and wear those challenges well, like suits of armour made of what didn’t and will not defeat you


Whether you make it look like a cool runway stroll or a calamitous body roll, I look forward to seeing you and hearing all about it this time next year


Stay well. Do it your way. Live.

























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