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Who’s that ?

As I sat in the stables tonight waiting for my daughter to finish making whatever feeds and water she had to make before it got too dark, I was enjoying the lights flickering, the shadows and the sparkles in my peripheral

And I considered as I do…

Many people ask ‘what’s that’

I as a medium always ask ‘who’s that’

And then it begins…

It either goes quiet, like the suddenly silent cricket when they hear someone is near

Or it goes nuts – like the cartoon-like bouncing of a labrador puppy

And then I consider

For many its a ‘what’ which is the aftermath of the ‘who’

Does that make them wrong and me right ?

I think it just makes me realise I look for the source of the inspiration and communication as a living, non breathing, entity

Unless it does turn out to be a puppy

In either case

Happy to be wrong

Happy to be right

Happy Happy Happy



Why as a Medium, I Develop and Teach

….All we can do is develop as best we can, teach as best we can, and remain true to our path….

….and our developed lights shall shine brighter then any shadow cast whether through ignorance or bliss….

shoulda coulda woulda …….

should haves

Fear or Experience….

Immobilised by fear or taking in the experience

Depends solely on the inhabitant

Not the observer

Though they may look the same

And the silence is the similarity

Don’t be afraid

It is not yours to question

Unless you are in that moment

And I will not question you

Your experience in golden

To you


How to Deal with out Perceptive Children – and why classes work for Psychic Children

This is ‘the’ number one question, at every stage show, from parents at odds with how to support, empower, yet protect, their very perceptive children.


There is now more than ever before, greater openness to embrace and encourage children’s expanded communication, ending a generation where children were seen and not heard.


The acceptance of a heightened level of awareness, perception, a concept of the 6th sense, less of an oddity to be discouraged when the phase doesnt go away.


As a parent of three very perceptive kiddies, they are no longer the exception.


One of the keys to managing any behaviors in the our children, our next generation, is to provide some form of structure. Some framework, with which they can make decisions to ensure they are the best that they can be with the best opportunities. They can contribute, experience, empower and love.


We all know it begins with guidance from, and protection of parents.


How do they deal with a child who knows more then they should, talks of previous lives, previous families, and see relatives who have already passed, and many that they never met.


Parents who realize or still question, if it is a phase. They want to encourage their child yet protect them. They worry this beautiful person will be ostracized, ridiculed, for something that is clearly to them, and within them, very real.


The learning required is multifaceted.


Parents learn to support their children and keep them on track in what can only be termed – the real world. Because that is where we live. And they can already parent their children without external assistance, yet they deserve encouragement. We all do.


They learn to nurture this perceptive capacity through understanding and awareness themselves. Through learning with their children.


I have encouraged that 6th sense in my children from their first days. They are incredibly lucky because I understand the gift and how it plays out.


I encourage for the very same reason we all do. To nurture and protect. A gift of perception, a 6th sense, whether my adult or younger students, is most valuable under pressure.


Consider a pressure situation for a child. School, other adults, sports, teenagedom and early adulthood. Then consider as adults, our career, partnerships both business and personal, and the questions that are raised by our choice of path, every day.


Consider for a moment if your precious jewel, your beautiful child, had an early warning sign that something or someone was not right – for them.


If these perceptive kiddies can learn to understand, discern and hone this ‘gift’, then they can be sure of their inner voice when we as parents are not there for guidance. When the voice of reason meets an evil cousin, peer pressure.


And that is the key. They learn to understand and discern. They can’t hone what they don’t understand. Parents can’t support what they don’t understand.


They learn to discern the sensations and feelings that are ‘them’ in perfect harmony, and with confidence, go forward to make the most of opportunities.


In the end there is only a life well lived, choices well made, and an inner person to be proud of. No noise, no fanfare, no medals. There is no tangible rulebook, no concrete ‘result’. It, life, is ongoing.


Crossed fingers from parents will always be there, however to nurture a perceptive ability adds a dimension to a life toolkit, that may be a definer in a moment of pressure, or pleasure, that speaks to the human being we always wanted them to become.


PS : We don’t all end up fluffy flower children, we are doctors, lawyers and accountants…



Spirituality – can it be one with Religion – (as posted on Linkedin)

I was blessed to have been given the opportunity to do a lecture at one of my favourite spiritual churches last evening.

The subject I was given by spirit was ‘on being spiritual’.

I will load up the lecture on another blogpost however I just posted this on Linkedin and thought you might get something out of it.


I find many people think religion and spirituality are at odds.

For me and from my research, religion tends to keep a structure and hierarchy that limits access to the source in some ways.

Whether it is having to visit a pastor or a holy person to be able to commune with god or the source, there seems to be in many instances, the need for a middle person.

However the scriptures that I was exposed to also promoted that god is everywhere and can be found in your heart and accessed through the self.

Spirituality and living a spiritual life is internal and is a faith rather then a community connection.

Spiritual is about every day choices to choose what you feel to be true or right, true to your source, which you can connect to in the smallest and largest of ways, without condition or limitation

It does not seem to be mutually exclusive of anything from that perspective ?

It is who we are and what we bring.

We can then take that way of thinking anywhere if it is true.

Here’s the key to Self Mastery

Had a beautiful spirit come through to provide such a clear piece of understanding today…

In our lives we see that we have shortcomings

The more we ‘accept’ these shortcomings as a reality

These perceived shortcomings become ‘phenomena’ and have a life of their own

They become a physical reality

When we pass, we realise these shortcomings were a facade because they are only a perception of a physical limitation or boundary that we see, hear, or feel we can’t progress through

The key to self mastery is to be aware when we perceive these shortcomings, that they are an emanation of a perceived reality and as such only a physical reality if we focus on them.

What we focus on – we create

Focus on a physical reality and it becomes a physical phenomena

Which if you think about it, means we can change anything just with a new focus

The key to self mastery is to be aware of the facade and release that which is not of the self, thereby mastering the awareness that we have once we are in the spirit world

The closer we are to the truth without physical boundaries set internally, procreated into the external physical world,

The closer we are to self mastery

Which is about knowing yourself to be true

The more we realise that the self ‘is’, and needs no master


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