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And yes…I should have known better…

As I sit here with a semi blocked nose knowing full well its food related

I cant ignore it.

Inflammation back to rule my world within half hour at a guess

I knew better.

What exactly was I expecting?

Nothing different 😦

I didn’t order pizza myself, yet couldn’t resist that amazing pepperoni slice.

I can still taste it now

Ironically I can taste it but cant smell a thing.

Ughgh my skin is itchy and eyes are blurring up.

Itchy scalp.

Ah joy.

And will I do it again ?


Yet what I am noticing is the reduction in frequency of my transgressions big time.

Because I remove most of the problems.

So I will play here uncomfortable for a bit.

Take a zyrtec and supplement with herbals knowing full well that the combination is da bomb.

What I also recognise is that I notice the symptoms so much more.

And it would be really easy to assume they are getting worse

Yet they truly aren’t

They are more noticeable because they are sooo not my normal anymore

I think its easy to fall into the trap of thinking I tolerate them more now,

Yet in reality, my system is no longer so overloaded as it struggled from crash to crunch to crash on a daily basis.

I am healthier and my body is more able to bounce back.

Not that it should have to, yet the reality is, it still has to.

Because pepperoni called and I answered.

My daughter asked me why I didnt want the donuts or icecream.

In my head I answered.

I have eaten 10 years too many sweets already so I have already eaten enough for today, tomorrow, next week and next decade.

Had it so am not missing it.

Yet sometimes off the wagon I slip if you want to think of it that way.

Off to sleep shortly and it will be interesting to consider my sleep pattern.

Oh the things I am noticing as I work through this amazing mind gut health minefield!

More to share about my journey in the New Year I promise xx

For now its home brewed booch, kraut, hydrate and fresh air before calling it a night before that dreaded midnight 🙂

I will go stand on the balcony and take in the clean crisp night air.

Sleep well

Fingers Crossed.

I should know better.

PS : The rebel donuts were never considered. That would have been harakiri for me!


Healing, like happiness – is an inside job

As a healer, lightworker, medium, mum, ‘sassy warrior of a woman over 50’, it is necessary to take a holistic approach to my work – in fact, my life really.

I have found over the last 10 years – and even more so over the last 5, that I do as many healings as I do readings – which makes my heart sing

Readings are always a form of healing anyway

Though I am not a medico (and those of you who have ever had a session with me will have heard this) I get a sense of what’s happening with clients – mind, body, and soul.

It’s all energetic.

Whether it’s your guides, your granny, or your energy and auric field, its all information that comes

The key though, is that you are the only one who can implement ANYTHING

Knowing is just the beginning

I absolutely LOVE that I can be a part of that journey, however, the choice always remains yours.

At the moment my choices are more prominently healer heal thyself

It is always my mantra. Yet the best way forward has to be intuited.

It is imperative to see it as trial and error – NOT win-lose.

Trials have shown me that when it comes to my body, some herbal concoctions are not to be used before going out in public……

I am blessed to have the Crystal Bed from John of God in Brazil (Abadiania to be precise)

The healing is profound, yet clients always mention gaining great insight during the healing

Chakra balancing, energetic resetting, and adjustments, cocooned in THE coziest place in the universe might I add.

When I bring the healing bed to Mind Body Spirit Festivals across the country, people are surprised at the healing received even in the craziness of the convention and exhibition centers. That cocooned space feels like heaven, even in that environment.

Spirit is very clever, and certainly, make it work – every time.

Happiness wells up from a place that at times has felt barren.

Changes are made

January 2019 sees my series begin in full flight

Through various media, with guest experts, Q & A’s, hints, tips and sharing – I will share what I know, what we know, and what is out there

Excited to be on track


That’s so much about YOU as well

Trust your Gut (see how it always reminds us!)

It will never let you down

Healing, like Happiness, is an inside job


Had a gutful yet?


hearts background b & w


Xmas Spirit – say what ?

As we all hold out breath for the days ahead

Knowing the obligations sometimes overshadow the experience

Just remember

Those of you who are reading this

Were all that young once

Were all filled with hope

And wonder

And tuned out to the things that got in the way of our joy

So lets take a moment

To look through your eyes

to the eyes of children

And take yourself back

To when you tuned out to the things

That got in the way of your moments of pure joy and hope

And enjoy the true you

Because in those moments

You will find the true Spirit of Christmas

Your Spirit

That lives beyond those moments

In You

If you just let them

Xmas gifts to universe

Raw Food and a few hours of spirituality added in xx


Interested in A Mediumship Workshop in Adelaide November 2014 ? All levels catered for – and empowered to be the best they can be !

Mediumship Workshop_NMcHenry_22&23.11.14_V1.6 jpeg

Holistic Health for Busy Brides – Part 2 …..

Here is the link to Part 2 of the article xx

In case you missed it



Natural Flow and Harmony (Published OTT Magazine July 2014)

We can do many things with many resources, yet never without water.


I have mentioned previously Bruce Lee’s famous quote using water as the way to understand the mind I hope the resonance feels right for you.


His words…


If you try to remember you will lose

Empty your mind

Be formless


Like water

Now you put water into a cup

It becomes the cup

Put it into a teapot

It becomes the teapot

Water can flow

Or creep

Or drip

Or crash

Be water my friend


It is really about allowing rather then driving. Don’t try so hard to be ahead of the game, enjoy the play and the players.


Water finds the quickest exits and the most appropriate way to move forward. It may not be what we wanted or how we wanted it to flow, however it suggests imbalance in some way.


If we let ourselves flow naturally, it can feel uncomfortable, and not necessarily what ‘everyone’ wants, however it is natural.


We feel pressure when we dam water. When we dam our emotions, we feel the same pressure. When we fight the flow, we fight the flow of life.


When we dam the water to allow other areas to thrive, it is OK as long as we understand that one must concede the other and both need to be tended to equally, otherwise one of protected over the other and the balance and harmony is not there.


Natural flow and harmony.


It is how we work best. In harmony, naturally.

ships bell

Freedom is a flavor of a space in your mind (published June2014)

How does that sit with you ?


It asks you to be strong and to realize the power and the strength that is within you. It is within every cell and every pore of you


It can not be taken away unless you give it


I want you to consider Nelson Mandela. I do not profess to speak for him, however I do ask you to consider that he was not free in body yet he was able to function because he was free in his mind


One of the largest distinctions for you to make is that you have a physical body and a mind that can think differently to what the physical body conveys.


You have all nodded yes whilst thinking no – have you not ?


Mental manipulation and psychological torture endured by millions in the world today, speaks to this reality.


Your mind and thoughts can not be ‘seen’. Your body and its responses can be read.


However were is the evidence that the freedom is gone from your mind ?


Know this, that when 24 women around the world shared their stories in the book ‘Sharing’ published through one thousand trees, through the amazing Lisa Browning, the moment for many of us was when the mind and body disconnected and the clarity in the mind was disconnected from that autopilot of the whole.


When we decided that freedom was possible, an option, ours, and that our minds could think freedom – in that moment – when our bodies were not free, we were truly free. This was the beginning.


It was only a matter of time before the body joined the mind in freedom.


As children we think we know what’s going to happen to us and with us.


As adults we are aware that it is not always the case.


If we can train our minds now that freedom of thought and freedom resides in the mind and the body follows – there will be nothing we cant conquer.


And sometimes it takes until we are over 50 to realize it.


Freedom begins within and once it is internalized, we will never be without it.


Click to access OTT+June+2014_Part+2.pdf



Will my Wedding be a Success ?

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