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new dawn

It will be a new daaaaaawn….

And A new daaaaaaaay….

And I’m feeling Gooooooood

Lets see what tomorrow brings

And lets embrace it

blow bubbles

Natural Flow and Harmony (Published OTT Magazine July 2014)

We can do many things with many resources, yet never without water.


I have mentioned previously Bruce Lee’s famous quote using water as the way to understand the mind I hope the resonance feels right for you.


His words…


If you try to remember you will lose

Empty your mind

Be formless


Like water

Now you put water into a cup

It becomes the cup

Put it into a teapot

It becomes the teapot

Water can flow

Or creep

Or drip

Or crash

Be water my friend


It is really about allowing rather then driving. Don’t try so hard to be ahead of the game, enjoy the play and the players.


Water finds the quickest exits and the most appropriate way to move forward. It may not be what we wanted or how we wanted it to flow, however it suggests imbalance in some way.


If we let ourselves flow naturally, it can feel uncomfortable, and not necessarily what ‘everyone’ wants, however it is natural.


We feel pressure when we dam water. When we dam our emotions, we feel the same pressure. When we fight the flow, we fight the flow of life.


When we dam the water to allow other areas to thrive, it is OK as long as we understand that one must concede the other and both need to be tended to equally, otherwise one of protected over the other and the balance and harmony is not there.


Natural flow and harmony.


It is how we work best. In harmony, naturally.

ships bell

He gets it

Your time is limited – don’t waste it living someone else’s life

Don’t be trapped by Dogma

Which is living the result of other peoples thinking

Don’t let the noise of other peoples opinion

Drown out your own inner voice

And most of all

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition

They somehow already know

What you truly want to become

Everything else is secondary

– Steve Jobs

sunrise sunset



Peace be with you

It isn’t hard to do

Because my friends

It already is

Look inside your heart

See the light

Hear the thunder

Understand it is your HEART beating

LOUD as thunder

Loving as the rain washing away tears

To hear what you think to be thunder

realise it is a sign you are very much ALIVE

and A-LOVE

Peace be with you my friends

Stating the obvious ?

It already is

diamond heart

Stop – its about time…..

You know that voice in your head..

Stop the world

I want to get off….

And it is EXACTLY how you feel these days

STOP the world

How can I escape

the treadmill

Just to catch my breath – not for ever – just for a moment


DONT pick up the phone

Turn off the computer

Or just lock the screen

Hide in the LOO if you have to

If the impression you get

Is to get off the merry go round

And we all know you can’t just RUN



Stop typing

Stop reading

Stop moving


Seriously, hide if you have to.

Just find your space

Find your moment



Count your blessings that you have stopped

Because if you keep going you will stop

By Falling in a heap


Set an alarm for every hour

Something that tells you to stop and escape for a moment

To get you through your day

Until you get to the end of it

And can STOP



STOP for a moment

Decide on a strategy to manage your day

Until you can really STOP

And when you REALLY STOP

Make a list of 3 strategies

That will help you

When the next time comes

and you feel overwhelmed

Because you can’t STOP completely

Buy yourself STOP MOMENTS

And manage your day

If you dont

You will hit overwhelm and overload

And that won’t Serve anyone

Including you

To live a long and happy life

WHich by the way

You AbSOlutEly DeseRVe

If time is love…..

Isn’t it about time ?


What do mediums do anyway ?

I am often asked what I do

Why is Mediumship so special

I am always struggling to explain what I feel when words don’t come close to explaining the connection and how cathartic it is, how beautiful it is

How honoured I am to bring forward their loved ones….

And today I read something

That came close to explaining it…..

“There were old things, queer things, things about farming and weather, things about the family and its members, funny things, that had happened to her when she was young. Fondly she took them out of her mind for him to see, caressing them with the gentle hands of memory”

hearts background b & w

If only we knew….

It seems fitting that my 111th post is about transition

When sitting in an advanced development circle

Where we sat for hours in the darkness

communing with spirit

Having our arms waved

by the unseen

writing there word LOVE

in the air in front of us


Spirit took our arms

and used our hands

to write the word LOVE

again and again

However one of the other things

received and remembered

is that Pachelbel’s Canon in D

Is about transition

It has the tone and the vibration

That spirit understands

that resonates with souls

to assist the fluidity

of transition

back home

to the spirit world

from whence we came

before we birthed to the earth plane

and our feeble yet precious existence

Our life

Our plan

Our Soul pathway.

Listen with your human eyes closed

and allow your spirit eyes open

and soar with your spirit

your heart

and your soul

be purified

be at home

with your truth and your spirit

THAT is what you are feeling

that is the experience


Be Moved

In a way that moves mountains

Quieten your mind

Be still



Be moved

Yet most of all – be Present

One with whom you are

Be Present

Words to the lost

Its easier to be angry

Yet what is needed is harmony

Transition needs peace

Its enough to try and find your souls peace

Without the distraction of the cries of others

Lost in their moments

Still on the earth plane

Wondering why

Waking up is hard to do….

I can not tell you how amazing it is

to have slept the whole night

not waking once

not stirring

Just peaceful slumber

And I know

In my heart of hearts

Its more about having asked for

(yes ‘asked’)

my spiritual team

by setting the intent

to wake in the morning

after a full nights sleep

rejuvenated and relaxed.

and this is my morning.

So why is waking up hard to do ?

Because it is so restful

It is such a supported place

to be lying horizontal

on a comfy mattress

with a comfy pillow under my head.

Tucked in a doona….bliss.

Tell me…


when during your day

do you feel completely supported

like you do when you trust and lay on your bed ?

Having a nap on a couch


Yet not necessarily the same.

There is something safe and secure about that place.

So its not really ‘waking’ that is hard to do

It is more finding that same secure space

during your days

once you have got up

from your supportive slumber place least we know whats available tonight

for many

yet not all of us

If your sleeping is fitful

And your dreaming colourful and intense

You wake like there has been no sleep

no rejuvenation.


Set the intent.

Try it more then once.

You will not feel the same support during the day then when you are tucked in your bed

Yet you may find

waking rejuvenated

It matters a lot less

sleeping alarm

Success is the best revenge….

I always remember watching my kids play and do what kids do –

fall over

skin their knees

etc etc

you name it.

One of the first things they do

EVERY time

is look around to see who is watching them

who saw

who they can have their needs met by

and I believe – well with my oldest in particular

who saw – and who he embarrassed himself in front of.

As we grow we still look around

Yet we seem to look around BEFORE

Before we leap

Before we go forward

With incredible gusto

Insatiable desire

to explore

and freely extend ourselves.

We look BEFORE we live

and we look to see who is around

and who will see us

and who we might embarrass ourselves in front of.

And we are scared.

Scared to live.

Live BEFORE our lives are over

Before we live – we look

So Take revenge on your mature nature

Of looking before you live.


without looking first

without worrying about who will see

and who will judge

and who cares really ?

If it is us – we deal with us

If it is others

thank them for their caring

if it is genuine caring

and Live before you look.


It is the best revenge you can have

on your own mortality.

We all peg out at some point


Then look.

Plenty of time to review when its over

Success is THE best revenge

on the limitations you set

on your life.

kids running

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