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No energy is the best way forward

There are soooo many great sayings….

Success is the best revenge

Smile and walk away

It could be worse – you could still be in that relationship/workplace/business etc.

What I can tell you is this.

If you are waiting for some insignificant other

To get their own medicine

To ‘wake up’ that you REALLY don’t care

Then just don’t.

Don’t give it a thought.

Its ALL energy.

Likely scenario is

They just will NEVER get it.

Whatever IT is.

Its YOUR ‘it’ anyway

Or they would get it.

So why give a continental ?

Just stop even considering that the other person doesn’t get it

Stop ‘caring’ about how clever you have become.

Just be.

Its present, in the moment, and all yours.

Enjoy the moment

Just be.

No energy – at all – anywhere else.



Nothing more.


Be in Peace.

Go forward in Peace.



Trust your gut – when you test me – you deny yourself

Occasionally I receive messages – usually quite polite – yet they are testing me – a kind of ‘try before you buy’.

Now I understand that others may accept that. Yet thats just not how I work.

If I am face to face with someone and I am impressed to give them something – I ask permission first, and energetically it just feels right.

It is not that I am concerned about my abilities – (and thats usually the retort I receive) – its because its my profession – and you wouldn’t ask a dentist, doctor, accountant, receptionist or PT and anything in between to do that in a message on facebook.

This is NOT a rant, NOR a dig at anyone in particular, it is just that the issue came up today for both myself and another few mediums and we discussed it.

Also, please be aware that as professionals, and a community of like minded professionals, many of us talk between ourselves and know that you ask the same questions to each of us in Facebook messages.

More importantly is this – 

Do yourself the respect YOU deserve and trust your instinct when you find someone. Trust your gut – it will never let you down ❤

If it doesn’t feel right – it probably isn’t. If it does – then give in to your inner guidance before you are swayed by bright lights or fancy marketing.

It may not be the right time for you – which is the difference between you ‘wanting’ to know, and you ‘needing’ to know.

I realise its a subtle difference and the human element in us always wants to know NOW and our conscious mind and doubts kick in and stops your intuition from speaking to you

Breathe and trust – discern and empower yourself first.

The human element in me wants to know NOW and wants external confirmation of what I already instinctively now.

Its not easy for me – and many of my peers – to just trust and wait – even though we know its the right thing to do.

Breathe – trust – Trust.

i believe

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