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These days list building is the thing to do

According to every business builder group out there touting for your business

In the old days

(Yes I did say ‘old’ days)

You referred business because it was a recognition of personal contact that provided some professional connection to a good or service provider

Yes – the word Provider comes in

I spend many hours ‘unsubscribing’ from mailing lists I have been put on

Because a ‘colleague’ has given mine and about 10 of my other colleagues, email or mobile details

The frustrating thing is that it could be such an amazing connection

The FRUSTRATION is that in the OLD days not only were you given a referral source, you were also told about it because the colleague doing the referring was PROUD or EXCITED to refer you to someone

It would appear we have lost that side of things

We have lost the professional courtesy

We refer because the service we are referring you to is professional, and the service soothed our pain point, provided – yes PROVIDED a service that we believed made something in your lives easier or better

I am part of an Entrepreneurs Alliance. I have been for a while. I interviewed them as well as they interviewed me when we decided to go on a journey together.

I have changed dramatically the way I do things and they have bumped along the journey with me. They were recommended and I did my homework.

Its a process

Must go – off to unsubscribe and delete SMS’s as one of my ‘colleagues’ went to a business seminar and we all got marketing email

Not because the fit would be good

I am sure her name popped up on their radar as a potentially good referral source

I hope she does her homework and it is an amazing fit for her going forward

And I don’t keep getting put back on ‘the list’



When life throws you Lemons – MAKE LEMONADE

When life throws you Lemons – MAKE LEMONADE.

When life throws you Lemons – MAKE LEMONADE

When life throws you lemons make lemonade


There are a few things that are decidedly true

And you know it is right

Not just me yet for you

When the calling gets loud

And the whispers subside

Understand it’s your inner voice speaking with pride

Unless you text over it

Unless you call out over it

Unless you realize its truth

And are afraid to share

Let it shine

That shines forth

With the truth that you know

Understand the joy within

Let it show


Understand that inner voice

With its glory and contempt

For stupidity and annoyance

Let it shine

Bring it forth

Understand that your light

Can be brighter then you know

Because you DO know – that is true

Yet the knowing is unsaid

It is unheard

It if unfound in many not just you

Be brave

Let you heart shine

It is beautiful

It is YOU


Original work

Nicole McHenry


lemonaid on the beach


Check your lens

When things look bad

When things don’t seem right

Check your lens

Is it yours

Or what you think should be

Either way you will be right

Check your lens before you check your sight

If you look through rose coloured glasses you get abstract reality

If you look through a looong lens all the things may seem sooooooo far away from you

Check your lens

Is it yours ?

If its not

Change it –

It is easy to do

Close your eyes

bring your awareness to between your brows in your minds eye

take 3 deep breaths


See the beauty

Your lens is ‘clair’

eye chart

On Venting…

There are times when we just want to vent

And thats OK

If we VENT

and don’t spread to garner support in a bad way

In a BAD way you ask ?

Well consider this

Vent is about letting off a little steam, enough to take off the pressure to make sure everything simmers along nicely and the end result is nourishing

Sooo….Try an ‘experiment’ if you will…

One I used to get my students to test out when they were learning about emotional intelligence…

Post something on Facebook or other social media complaining about something

Try say, the way you were treated in a shop

How you didn’t get the service you felt you deserved

and WATCH…

Watch in HORROR

Your vent – your release of a bit of pent up steam

That subsided pretty quickly no doubt


and becomes everyones personal VENT

Your vent gives permission for others !

Thats not truly a problem….

However your vent was not about giving others permission

Nor was it about being patted on the shoulder for ‘outing bad stuff’ that others should know to succeed in life

You are only responsible for your own lives

You are however responsible for your words

You however unintentionally, may have started a tsunami !


preface your vent knowing what you now know

Or become the experiment and watch the poop fly

Venting is about finding an outlet to let off a little steam to assist you to get on in balance

Is that what you will achieve ?

Meditation may be safer !


well done !

When we hear the words well done…we know that others are proud of our achievements

At least I choose to prefer to see the communication that way

And here is the clincher

I have no interest in the motivation that it came from if it was said in any other way than with pride and good wishes

I choose to hear the words

And I choose to receive the words

And I choose to embrace the words

In a positive way

Which is THE KEY

Receive everything from its higher good

Receive it as you would mean it to have come to you

What others’ motivations is none of your business if they are not from the place of genuine higher love and healing

You have such power for your own receiving

Unless you are interested to stay in that lower level energy

And you HAVE the choice

Seeing everything in a positive way is absolutely fine

And empowering

And seriously…..why wouldn’t you ?

Unless you feel like wasting a day or a week or just a moment wallowing in lower motivation

Stay in your highest good

Take everything in a positive way




And be HAPPY !

Now THAT is well done !


time wasters…why do we get so angry ?

It seems to be the old adage – don’t waste my time !

The concept of selling something

‘no time wasters please’

It is as if we are stating from the outset that we are absolutely serious

We are not negotiable unless you are serious

We are valuing our time over your use of it

We get REALLY angry about it

I used to think it was an arrogance – I remember Dr Phil saying something on one of his first Oprah shows…

Then with my spiritual awareness

Time is Love I was taught

How so ?

Because you give the time to whats important

And whats important is about what you value to be true

So we talk about ‘not having time’

Exchange the word LOVE for time and see how it feels

I spent the afternoon trekking across the country to get to a destination where I was greeted with

‘I know nothing about this – you know what kids are like’

It was the awareness of the time I felt I had wasted

I had spent it with my daughter

In search of something we needed

And in reality, had chatted and giggled alot

However as I battled peak hour traffic home, I lamented the time I will lose because of the delay

I had made plans

I had made choices to compromise and forego to get to a certain end

That choice being taken

I was now without my goods and not able to get back that time

As I cooked dinner into the early evening

I realised that time is love

I felt like my time had been frivolously spent because of no end result

So in reality, theres no point getting angry

My time was spent

Getting angry about it spends more time and expends the WRONG kind of energy

SO let it go and waste no more time

Because I am in control of my time now

So now off to eat dinner and spent time with the family

And enjoy the love in the room

hearts background b & w

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