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Xmas Spirit – say what ?

As we all hold out breath for the days ahead

Knowing the obligations sometimes overshadow the experience

Just remember

Those of you who are reading this

Were all that young once

Were all filled with hope

And wonder

And tuned out to the things that got in the way of our joy

So lets take a moment

To look through your eyes

to the eyes of children

And take yourself back

To when you tuned out to the things

That got in the way of your moments of pure joy and hope

And enjoy the true you

Because in those moments

You will find the true Spirit of Christmas

Your Spirit

That lives beyond those moments

In You

If you just let them

Xmas gifts to universe

Palmistry Online

Just wanted to send a quick shout out

As many of you have messaged me asking about it !

EST timezone

5 weeks

$88 USD (Paypal avail)

email on for further details

Course dates and times :

EST – 8pm – begins 20th January 2015

(Thats 12 midday 21st January in AEST/AUST time)

AEST/AUST – 8pm – begins 7th January

AEST/AUST – Day workshop 7th February.

Please note – Australian participants are welcome to join US and UK courses !

Limited places available !palm-lines

So – Why Palmistry ?

…demystifying and empowering…it explores the true you…

Traditionally, palmistry conjures up olde world and colourful images. It has as always been a source of incredible wisdom – and great amusement !

In this informative ‘hands on’ workshop. You will learn how your hands reflect your personality, our ways of dealing with life.

Lines are energy with meaning and attitude. Their placement and shape chart our lives like a river flows through the landscape on a map

You will learn the meanings in your own hands, and the skills and ability to read others. This workshop is designed to be interactive and fun and will demystify this ancient modality.

You are encouraged to bring copies of hand prints and the photo of some of those as well. Come and enjoy the exploration !

Escape is easy if you understand the prison…….

I think I just did 12 hours sleep and could happily take another 12….

Do you know why ?

It’s the food I have been eating

It hasn’t been all sweets and garbage

It has been good food

Just not CLEAN food

If you are feeling a bit flat, tired, and overwhelmed,

Clean up what you are eating first

Then after a few days

You will begin to feel yourself again

Or you will realise you never let yourself out of the cage that you have turned your temple into before

I have started distributing Nature Direct Products because they do DETOX your HOME

I am still the medium

That will always be me

However sharing these products has become more then I imagined it would be




You can see how these fit – can’t you !

I have been an enjo user for nearly 20 years

I have found something better – I never thought I would say that




The rest will fall into place…

I promise


What you do is not what you are saying….

There is a saying

And it is very true

“What you are Doing speaks so loudly, that I can’t hear what you are Saying”

I posted something many moons ago

About how step families seem to have a different bond because

they don’t have the same obligations

the same

“well we are blood so you have to love me’

And I think there is something so special about it all

whereas it was looked down on as the second best thing

the compromise


However to be chosen

and that is actually the point..

When you choose to be with someone

and they choose to be with you

and there are poorly behaved adults around

who punish through withholding love and affection

attention and caring…

They merely make the ‘choser’ more OK about their new spouse and family

Ironic really – they find even more comfort in choosing their own happiness.

The poorly behaved, make out its about wanting more time and more ‘something’

however it smacks of overgrown attention seeking toddlers who were never told ‘No’

The irony is that they endear themselves less and less

to those who they are punishing

to the point where they lose.

They may make lots of noise about wanting more connection

yet when they behave poorly

What they are doing

Makes them less endearing

As they disrespect themselves and the very person they claim to want time with

And they miss out even more.

Because who wants to be punished and disrespected ?

Victim mentality maybe ?

Too high maintenance for most.

Step families have no loyalty to your heart

They are chosen

It is a different sense of obligation

And these days…

Poor behaviour buys nothing

The days of obligations are over

peace be with you

What the duck ?

As I am about to embark on another day of Xmas catchups

Social connection

And engaging in discussions with those who’s energy is rampant for want of a better word

I am reminded of a student I had many years ago…

I was Head of a School of Business and ran a Graduate Certificate program

The unit that they all had to do, was ‘Innovation’

How it messed with their grey matter 🙂

Thinking outside the box – yet not reinventing the wheel….

Now to the student…

When I first met her she was very proper – yet she had this cheeky smile

Through the semester I noticed she always remained reserved

Yet always a demure smile on her face

When it came to a few days before the final assessment presentation,

She asked if she had to actually stand and present.

I said that as long as she presented her assessment

It didn’t actually ‘say’ how or whom

Such relief I saw in her face.

Her Innovations assessment


‘What the Duck’.

Well it was a fabulous play on words as the company logo was a bathtub duck.

I can tell you – she had our attention !

She had her moment where she let her perfectly recorded presentation

Speak for itself

And it was so clever and fun

And very insightful

I always kept a copy as it reminds me of the following :

It is better to have people wondering

And don’t telegraph everything early

You will have your moment

If it is truly yours to have

And you will be remembered for its perfect timing

Rather then the ongoing fanfare

with which you ran your days along the way.

So as I embark on another day of fun and fanfare

And social connections

I may sit and ‘think’ ‘What the Duck’

Yet I will respond rather then react

When it is appropriate

In my on way

And make it innovative

And come out knowing I gave what was needed and nothing more

And by doing so in a more peaceful and gentle way

Going with the flow

And hopefully, leave a lasting impression

feet in water at beach

Taking out the trash…

Taking out the trash is more then chucking out rubbish

It is a conscious effort to remove and distance from things

and people

that are not in line with our views and visions

Not in line with US and who WE want to be

In line with who we want to be when we walk through this world.

Don’t get me wrong…

Having a good chuck out is cathartic

However its about consciously letting go of what no longer serves us

I spend much time donating to charities and giving where those who do not have – can make use of what I have

However, some things need to be sent away

The energy that is carried with much of these things

has a HUGE affect on your life

And thats why I say

Make a list

Check it twice

Forget the naughty

It to yourself be nice


and exhale as it leaves your presence.

Whomever – and whatever – they are

Peace out


It has been A while….Want to know why ?

It has been a while since my last post

I can tell you its been crazy busy

In a good way….

I have been with Lisa Williams in the States for October, teaching Beginners and Advanced Psychic Mediumship

I have just returned from Adelaide where I was on stage 3 out of the 5 nights

Wow – amazing !

One evening was a charity fundraiser for MS Society – absolute honour….

I had the pleasure of working with some amazing mediums and an incredible psychic artist


I ran a Mediumship workshop for the weekend too !

I will load up some pics and some video on my your tube channel

Which I am putting the finishing touches on right now !

Phew – whirlwind

Bookings into November 2015.

Life is never dull

However it was never meant to be a spectator sport now was it !

kids running

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