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What am I to you ?

If I annoy you – what am I stirring in you ?

If I inspire you – what am I stirring in you ?

If I infuriate you – what am I stirring in you ?

If you are angry at me – what am I stirring in you ?

If you are impassioned by me – what am I stirring in you ?

If I am not meeting your ‘expectations’ – what are these ‘expectations’ stirring in you ?

Point is – you own your reactions

Maybe – its you – not me

Maybe I am here for you to learn – about you ?

To stir whats inside you

And just maybe – it is great !

Look inside you and find – the inspirer

Look inside you and find the passionate, the frustrated, the expectant,

There is SO much greatness inside you

Maybe you are annoyed because you know you can be more

Maybe you are infuriated because you made mediocre choices

Maybe you are so used to only listening to the negatives

That you are numbed to the positives ?

Maybe you are all of these because you are THE most amazing human being on this planet

…Who is too scared to say what you think, want what you want

Your expectations are killing you from the inside

They aren’t killing me

They are alienating you

Be amazing

I will try and be the messenger in your world

who reminds you that you are loved

Start with loving you


OMG I achieved it !

Sitting today with a friends hubby

Watching all the kids playing

He said to me

‘You don’t really get stressed though’

And he meant it

Now – many of you who have known me

for more then a few years,

Have just had to pick yourself up off the floor.

Anyone who has met me in the last year

Might think the same as her hubby.

I dont really get stressed.

I do

I really do.

However its how you react to it that counts.

I am a realist

I have a spiritual perspective that there is something greater

Yet a realist just the same.

There is clearly a bigger picture

And I may not know everything there is to know


THAT is how I choose my reaction.

Life can throw us some seriously shitty curveballs sometimes

and I have had some doozeeeeees….


I can let it eat me, consume me, spit me out the other end….

Or just go with it.

Life gets stressful.

Some things dont come together when they are meant to.

Some – not at all.


I choose to not let it overrun my life and moments.

If you knew what the last few weeks have entailed, you would give me a darn medal.


It is CLEARLY – NOT – consuming me.

Want to know the trick ?

Allow it to consume you when it NEEDS to

NOT all THE darn TIME

Be present

Be available to

Whatever the hell is eating at you

ONLY when it is taking a bite.


Decide what to do about it – Then do it –

then TAKE your LIFE BACK

Do not let whatever is stressing you

STEAL your moments

I have had such a FUN afternoon

Doesn’t for a second change any of the meetings I have had to endure

Doesn’t change next weeks chaos

Fun owned those moments

And his comment

Made me realise


I achieved my outer peace

By achieving my inner peace






And so 2016

and beyond

will be.






Dream – I dare you

If you don’t ask you don’t get

If you dare to dream – you will find out

That the seemingly impossible

Is only impossible – if you believe it is

If you think you can you can

If you think you can’t your right.

Ask for what you want

Whats the WORST thing that can happen ?

You don’t get what you want



Isn’t that where you are now ?

What HAVE you got to lose ?

The bliss of receiving ?

You haven’t got it now

So you are not Missing ANYTHING !

Dare to dream



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