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Confucius wasn’t a dill

“Man who plays game and leaves cleaning and other things for wife to do

Because he wants to keep her too busy to do other things

Might make self fulfilling prophecy

As wife finds someone else who plays nicer games”

Now many of you already know that the spirit team that works with me has a tendency for cheek, a dry wit, and sometimes a sledgehammer to help me get the point.

So the above phrase from them wont surprise you….

I recall a fellow medium said she might ditch the reading world and work in a call centre because its a no brainer….

and my guides suggested maybe she could do the call me call me now centre because thats a no brainer….

And as I recall it, the smarty in me asks why there is a need for those call me, call me now services given they always tell me that looking externally does not mean there is no love.

They explained its about the games we play.

Frustrations boil over because nobody wants to say what they really feel all the time lest their insecurities be shown true.

Ego is merely a facade that covers an insecurity in ones own position in life.

So they – we – don’t say what we really feel most of the time.

So when I hear about all those chores that are left to ‘the other parent’ that appears to be sitting around doing nothing, the little confucius message makes sense.

If you are frustrated by what a loved one has chosen to do in life, ask yourself whats important.

I am all for happy wife, happy life…however I dont want to live a lie.

Happy all round is not always a myth.

Behaving in a way that is congruent to how you truly feel – now thats brave, loving, respectful and true.

Choose your game wisely, lest you find your opponent has an ace up their sleeve that you were not aware of.


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