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Lucky that Spiritual wins….trust me….

In so many cases

I would LOVE to have a laugh

at what befalls some people

in their travels.

I would give a dollar to charity for every time

Something bites someone

on the bum

…..and nobody would ever be hungry again….

for the comments I get

when it all turns sour

– I suppose you think its funny

– I suppose you would call it Karma


However I dont.

I just dont.

Why ?

Because your lesson is YOUR lesson

Your gossip is YOUR choice of words

Yours and yours aloooooone.

Do not treat people badly because you think they deserve it

Do not treat people poorly because you think you can

Power in relationships

is not about ‘work relationships’ in most cases.

If you have something

and someone else has to put up with your nonsense

just because they need what you have


Do not play the power game

UNLESS you have loads of cushions around

for when you land on your bum

or your head

or feel the pain and flavour

of the spikes and stones you have thrown at another

as they will end up resting at your feet

They will.

I will not laugh at you.

So dont ask

if I think what has befallen you is funny

In fact many times

I have then gone along and assisted people – just like you

Not because I felt sorry for you.

Not because I felt I had to

Its because you need someone to reach out their hand to you

and in that moment of choice

when you may feel embarrassed

you may even be feeling humbled

I will not take advantage of you.

And thats actually the point.

I will not take advantage of you

I will not laugh at you

I will not even make you feel bad.

Yet know this…

I will not enable your whinging

I will not enable your victim mentality either.

If you still haven’t learned

And instead of looking at what you have done

You make it about being wronged

and you do not see the big picture…..

Thats going to keep you in the space that feels so painful to you.

I will reach out my hand

because thats who I am

and show you

That spiritual can be role modelled

Its Not martyrdom.

Role modelling what I feel brings the best out in me

Is about me.

I will reach my hand yet I will then be on my way

If by some chance

that moment

Makes light fall into your heart

into your eyes

and you see a glimpse of spirit reaching out

I trust

that you will experience something

that helps makes you whole.


You all need to realise

that people behave badly

for many reasons.

Something did happen to you

to make you feel the need

to be mean and defensive.

The universe will bring healing

The light will bring awareness.

The rest is up to you.

I will not laugh.

And therefore be thankful that Spiritual wins

because if the suggestion, rumour and innuendo that comes out of so many peoples mouths were true

You would have been flat on your arses


Lucky that Spiritual wins.

Trust me.

good person

Make no mistake…..

It is incredibly easy to ASSume

that because it appears someone is strong

that they are able to weather anything.

Make no mistake

that appearances

Are just that.

An appearance.

What makes you think they are strong ?

Is it because they don’t crack ?

Don’t crack under the pressures


under those pressures

which you have no concept of

because unless it affects your world

you don’t notice ?

That doesn’t make you irresponsible –

It makes you normal.

It is normal to make the mistake

That everything is OK

With everyone else.

Unless you see the signs

Tears ?

Tantrums ?

Maybe – just maybe

The person who sits there



is merely holding it all together

as their world

is appearing to them

to be breaking.

The noisy tear jerkers

The guilt playing

heart pulling


are the noisy ones.

Ask within your heart

whether everything is OK

not with your eyes.

Wonder for a moment

is it all OK

with someone that you know

someone that you love.

The noisy ones

with the rehearsed speeches

that have been used many times

Are obvious.

The others will fall through the cracks

They are the ones

that need your time

your love

your moments.

Make no mistake.

Broken is on the inside.

hearts background b & w

Seeing things for what they are…

In so many cases

We just KNOW that someone has as axe to grind

Something to say

Something that they have attached to you

And you feel it.

Whether they are being justified in their behaviour aiming it at you or not

that is – it may have something to do with you

It may not.


See things for the very fabric of what they are.

Everything is an energy exchange.

Behaviour is about being and or doing – to elicit a response.

So when someone is being spiteful.

When someone is being rude.

In fact when someone is being ‘anything’

It is to elicit a response.

Think the toddler mindset (as I tell my students regularly)

Everything is designed to elicit a response – either from you directly

or the person you tell who reacts to it

either feeling infuriated at what is being sent at you

or just the injustice of it all generally.

Everything is a response.



Once you work this gem out….

You have a choice.


Either be driven by it

Or drive your own next step.

If you send anything other then healing

Once you realise they are broken

and this has worked for them in the past.


Toddler option – good (cuddle) or bad(smack)  – its a reaction – its ATTENTION.

So if you become aware of the game.

Send the card of healing.

You will notice they are not comfortable with it.

And thats not about you.

It is because their SOUL recognises the healing.

Their soul is open and receives your heartfelt love.

And the human being – wrapped in conditioning and behaviours

feels the DIFFERENCE.

That difference is better

yet not what they are used to.

Watch the response – it is the discomfort of knowing love.

Their soul is them and is sharing the love flooding in.

Let them feel the discomfort – because it signals change.

Once loved – you can NEVER unknown it.

Always see the game for what it is

Be the game changer.

And walk away having healed – not reacted.

Choice in every moment – heals the person you see – and brings them closer to the soul they are.

And that my friends – is ALWAYS and forever – a beautiful thing

feather explosion

Sometimes we complicate things ……..

Many times

You will find links

to songs

that move you.

Sometimes we look

We seek

SOOOO deep

We ask for there answers

And we listen

At times.


Something hits our ears

Something hits the airwaves

And reminds us

or at least – reminds Me.

That the singers of ‘old’

were called Soul singers

For a reason

They touch your soul.

Message is simple

Uncomplicated more appropriately said.


Is this for you ?

Never be so desperate to be part of a group

That you give away the privilege of being


single bulb lit up

Why we left…. and why its not about them….

It has been an interesting few weeks.

You will have read no doubt – about my enjoyed purging of all things unfinished and deemed unnecessary over the last month or so.

Well here’s another xx

As many of you would know,

My kids have always been sporty.

They are active


fun loving.

We have recently left a sporting club

And the unfortunate part is

the Club itself was grand.

95% of the people were Amazing.

Both my daughter and I had a ball when we were there.


We recently made the choice to leave.

It was a surprise to many.

In truth

It was actually a very last minute – quick decision.

The culmination of months of being ‘over something I couldn’t put my finger on’.

Now this may come as an interesting surprise

to many who are being filled with a different story.

One with another persons agenda.

So read on.

I had forgotten what it was like to walk around

talking and giggling with other mums and dads.

I really enjoyed my year of that.

I really enjoyed the sense of fun we experienced when we were there.

The unfortunate thing is,

There are other connections that go with kids and sport.

And thats those

Who believe they have the right

to talk, discuss, pass judgement

and generally cause trouble

by stirring the pot.

I spend much of my life

In the public eye.

Putting myself in front of people

Some of whom think its OK to have a laugh.

I am actually pretty cool with all that.

In that forum.

If not – I just wouldn’t do it.

However, what I really really value

is a quiet existence

in my time off.

And to keep overhearing

gossip and judgements

AWAY from the club,

gave me the impetus

to make a hard decision.

Yet Make it – I did.

Not because the club was a problemo.

Not at all.

We will miss it.

Yet because of the fact it left me

and my kids

the subject of discussion.

And the interesting week.

was highlighted by a call.

The end result was the caller realising

They would have been better to CALL ME FIRST

Then stew over, discuss, and pass judgement FIRST.

Discuss me with someone else and get upset – more fool you (and I used those words) !

Call me if you have a problem.

Call someone if you have a problem with them.

Don’t waste time.

And after all is said and done – don’t listen to or contribute to gossip.

If you feel impacted and let down by someone….

Call and ask them – please explain.

It kicks the troublemakers in the nuts early

It saves you and everyone else loads of angst.

And we now have pulled the opportunity for ourselves being the subject of much unnecessary discussion.

Just by making that decision to move.

I am now not in the crosshairs that the club didn’t really even know about.

And we all know…

when others spend so much time discussing those other then themselves….

its usually because they don’t want to look at themselves.

In fear of what they might see.


peace be with you

You can’t make this stuff up….

Ask and ye shall receive…

All those mantras which seem to make us think

Yet in many cases are sooooo over used

Really do have a place.

They do.

However – there is so much around us that speaks a more common language.

And more directly too.

As I wondered as I sat in the car – why – once again – I have a migraine brewing…


I receive a text from a troublemaker of the greatest order

who can’t help herself because all the other troublemaking hasn’t got her anywhere

(Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves comes to mind..)

And I giggle.

Because moments before, I made the decision NOT to do a reading.

Completely different person, yet ironically interconnected.

I questioned – was it because I was too close ?

However this migraine was not about someone in spirit who was giving me information about their passing as a head injury.

I ask.

Why ?

I receive – it was all about a sign.

For me.

And I received the sign.

And sent a message to my client.


back to the point…..

I text my client about the reading, and received the most lovely response.

I also received a message from her for me – which was blessed !

It felt so calm and surreal – and it made me smile.

because it had so much positivity in it.

Meanwhile, interspersed with troublemakers texts,

the troublemaking paled into insignificance xx

I asked in my head…why does this stuff always work…?

and ding – an Email pops up on the phone..

2 texts going and now an email….

and it is from ?


Thats why – Because Spirit Works.

I can consider synchronicity, mantras, manifestation….

Or I can simply see the sign,

and accept the one word answer…

as I read the text that came in from another client who so thanked me for my precious time.

Blessed – truly blessed.

And time is all we have.

Smile lots.

Laugh often

Dont over think it.

peace be with you

You have to do solid renovation, cleverly, to heal….

Healing is something we many times ‘aim’ at the physical body.

Our physical body is an emanation of the energetic body anyway

I want you to imagine that you have 7 thick layers of covering – like body suits that come out at least a foot.

I would say a metre yet its a little hard to imagine

So stay with me xx

We think we lay hands on and heal the ‘spot’

Even as kids, Mum put her hands on us and kissed what ailed us

and we went off and kept playing

Right ?

So now consider that long before our physical hands touch our skin, the layers of our body suits have already connected.

And that is how healing works.

The outer layer of that furtherest body suit has already connected to the outer layer covering the sore knee perhaps, or the sore lower back, etc.

Healing happens energetically in all layers.

What are we actually healing ?

Ask yourself what those layers are….

So if you look at it another way.

You got graffiti on your outer layer.

(Don’t you just love how spirit works in their analogies by the way)

You clean the graffiti at the layer it has affected before it soaks through the layers

In fact the longer you tolerate it and leave it there

the more acid needed to remove it

and potentially the damage left behind

the residue of the impact, incident, etc.

And so it as with you.

Your 5th layer – that 5th body suit you put on at the start of this post

Is your blueprint.

It is the energetic blueprint that matches the physical body. Like an X-ray – only way cooler !

It is outside of you, subtle and potentially unseen.

Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist xx

Build and renovate time.

We have a blueprint

and then the house is constructed.

We then live in it.

Sometimes we even rent it to others….

We are affected by ground changes

we are affected by weather (emotions)

what we bring into the house.

We are in a constant state of flux or calm, and everything in between.

Our perimeter and boundaries get compromised.

Healing is like renovating.

We go into the foundation and rebuild, sometimes removing, clearing, and renewing.

Cosmetics may be OK

Healing whilst thinking just about the physical –

may be OK.

Consider that blueprint, that plan before we were designed and built.

Heal at the blueprint layer

Go to the heart of the matter

Clean that graffiti


renew that foundation

and the house – your physical body

Will be seen differently.







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