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Healing, like happiness – is an inside job

As a healer, lightworker, medium, mum, ‘sassy warrior of a woman over 50’, it is necessary to take a holistic approach to my work – in fact, my life really.

I have found over the last 10 years – and even more so over the last 5, that I do as many healings as I do readings – which makes my heart sing

Readings are always a form of healing anyway

Though I am not a medico (and those of you who have ever had a session with me will have heard this) I get a sense of what’s happening with clients – mind, body, and soul.

It’s all energetic.

Whether it’s your guides, your granny, or your energy and auric field, its all information that comes

The key though, is that you are the only one who can implement ANYTHING

Knowing is just the beginning

I absolutely LOVE that I can be a part of that journey, however, the choice always remains yours.

At the moment my choices are more prominently healer heal thyself

It is always my mantra. Yet the best way forward has to be intuited.

It is imperative to see it as trial and error – NOT win-lose.

Trials have shown me that when it comes to my body, some herbal concoctions are not to be used before going out in public……

I am blessed to have the Crystal Bed from John of God in Brazil (Abadiania to be precise)

The healing is profound, yet clients always mention gaining great insight during the healing

Chakra balancing, energetic resetting, and adjustments, cocooned in THE coziest place in the universe might I add.

When I bring the healing bed to Mind Body Spirit Festivals across the country, people are surprised at the healing received even in the craziness of the convention and exhibition centers. That cocooned space feels like heaven, even in that environment.

Spirit is very clever, and certainly, make it work – every time.

Happiness wells up from a place that at times has felt barren.

Changes are made

January 2019 sees my series begin in full flight

Through various media, with guest experts, Q & A’s, hints, tips and sharing – I will share what I know, what we know, and what is out there

Excited to be on track


That’s so much about YOU as well

Trust your Gut (see how it always reminds us!)

It will never let you down

Healing, like Happiness, is an inside job


Had a gutful yet?


hearts background b & w


Improvise baby – your (gut) health depends on it!

I am currently trying to bring harmony and balance into my system, with the help of some amazing herbs

Part of it is trial and error yet make no mistake, its trial and error based on experience and access to the most amazing library of herbal texts know to humanity ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t keep up with the cleaning and tidying and some days I can’t for the life of me find the right tea strainer for my particular choice of cup

I am busily infusing herbs and teas and making tinctures and percolations and its just sensational fun

Importantly I need to make sure the fact I can’t find things doesn’t stop me

As I explained a little inย Gut Health, Inflammation, Our Brain-Gut link, and Me, I need to be on track

So I make do!

Here are a few happy snaps of yesterday when I couldn’t find the lid to allow the steam to infuse my lovely herbs (enter Tupperware measuring cup)

Then today is when I can’t find the cup that ‘fits’ the strainer

Just come up with a plan and make it work

I am still drinking what I need

Wildcrafted cleavers and my personal fave wildcrafted calendula – oh it’s my absolute fave!

Looks a lot like herbal tea right ?

Well its exactly what it is – just home made

Stay tuned for info on the herbs I chose and why

And I will share the results as I go forward

Its a series coming soon – a work of art – still in progress ๐Ÿ™‚

Great Night Sleep – Not always rocket science

As my mind and body show the results of my year of overloading and underloving, (see my blog post on Gut Health, Inflammation, Our Brain-Gut link, and Meย ), I am remembering the ways I help myself, as quickly as the things that make the inflammation flare up

Every year I do a waitressing gig with my daughter, for a friend.

Its kind of a bonding sesh and its a lot of fun

Its a long evening walking around and standing on my feet, laughing and enjoying good company, yet nonetheless on my feet for hours.

Now normally this wouldn’t be an issue, however this year I am in full-blown inflammation mode, and though in the process of getting clear and healthy, am not quite there yet.

So I have a few choices.

I can give the kid with the young legs more walking to do, or I can remember some of the reasons I enjoy this gig.

One of them is that its great exercise without feeling like it.

Add to that another revelation I had after the first time.

I slept like a baby that night.

Oh, sleep has been a premium one could but wish for much of the last year too.

So 2 hours in and my back is starting to remind me its a concrete floor under that lining, which means my joints are likely to follow.

It’s time to take a break and get off my feet.

Its also time to check I have been hydrating enough and off to grab a bottle of water and put my feet up.

10 minutes rejuv and I am back on the job.

You see it doesn’t take much to listen to your body.

Listen for the first signs, not the worst signs…and you might have a chance to stave off harsher penalties for your body.

The gig doesn’t ask me to be wonder woman, however, it does ask me to be active and attentive.

WE somehow think that’s the same as being wonder woman.

So I backed off and paced myself.

Everyone was attended to, and I got the evening of the exercise that my body needed – which keeps things flowing in my energetic world.

At the end of the night, I didn’t go for the coffee and feet up – I went for the water and home.

And man…..I slept like a baby.

I woke early this morning and lay in bed for a while, rather than jump out of bed and get stuck into the day.

What I also did was give myself the total day off from herbal makings, from anatomy & Phys, from anything that resembled work.

With no pain, no joint issues, no discomfort, no bloating, I FELT more like wonder woman for having had the good nights sleep!

So it’s not rocket science.

When my inflammation is playing up, and my mind is foggy, these days I give it what it needs.

A break.

There’s that Gut-Brain Axiom playing out.

They are inextricably linked.


  • Give my brain a breather
  • Exercise – whilst listening to my body
  • Choose good company
  • Benefit from good sleep

And then

Enjoy the spoils of the balance it creates.

More on how I bring in balance next time

Right now, I am crawling into bed after having had the most amazing day with my students in ages – in a space that welcomes and supports us, and I am totally enjoying the spoils of yesterdays good choices

Did I mention Booch and kraut starts my day ?

That’s a whole other post – stay tuned



Gut Health, Inflammation, Our Brain-Gut link, and Me

Many of you will know by now about my studies in Naturopathy and Herbalism

You know from my posts and our chats how MUCH I am enjoying it

However what really keeps me up till silly hour learning and enjoying, and researching is as always, seeing the connections between our Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul.

I found it interesting that 3/4 of each semester is dedicated to Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, and Biochemistry

It’s because its so important to understand the workings of the body, our chemistry, and how we process things, as much as it is about herbs, herbalism, and healing

Oh heavens – how I am loving it

So in a nutshell, until we understand the workings of our bodies, all the knowledge in the world that comes to me of what to use to heal it, will fall short.

We need to understand what is happening – the ‘why’ it works.

To be truthful – I need to understand it

Sure I am intuitive, as are all of you, yet I want to know why, and I want to have credibility in my knowingness

Many of you would agree that there seem to be ‘tummy people’ and ‘headache people’

What I find is that I am both, yet through my own charting and research, I have to say that its never at the same time

I have migraines very occasionally now, yet when I get them – well if you ever had one you know how it feels.

I have gut issues – that seems to precede or to follow them. Chicken and the egg type stuff.

Not many of you would know that my family history includes ulcerative colitis, lupus, osteoporosis, and an inherent desire to push my mind and body to the limits of its capabilities….

My skin is telling in its complete state of flux at the moment showing very visible symptoms of stress from external and internal factors.

There is only so much I can control, and I have divested and simplified to an incredible degree

Yet it does all come down to the gut.

These are all inflammatory conditions, gut-brain linked, and for some totally debilitating.

For me, it is definitely limiting.

There are chemical and physical connections aplenty and it explained for me in a scientific way – what I have been experiencing, working on, and working with for years

It was the missing piece of the puzzle

Many of you followed my food journey in 2016 and 2017. I have been a little quiet whilst studying and sorting out life.

Life throws us curve balls, and after a year of some fairly full-on changes, I am back on track with Ferments, Booch and Kefir, a Diploma in Health Science encompassing naturopathy and nutrition, and a mind and body that is now shedding the signs of inflammation, stress, and toxicity, and hereditary challenges.

As I continue through my studies, I will share with you all as I learn more around nutrition, body, biochemistry and herbalism.

and now for some EXCITING NEWS!

I am in the stages of finalizing a series of e-books, one being on gut health, inflammation, and the Brain-Gut link – so keep an eye out for the link to your free copy.

There are MANY I respect who have been studying and researching for years, and I will share from my experience in the hope that it gives you something that can help you – or at least you will have those ‘aha’ moments I did along the way

I now know for sure that 90% of my health concerns, experiences, and indeed strengths are gut related. I have been reading it in mine and clients energy for years

Levels of inflammation in my body certainly explain why my very strong mind is foggy and unfed some days. My reserve just isn’t there.

Also, I think half the reason that (most) of the time I have a cast iron constitution is because my body has had to adapt and strengthen.

I think that it’s on high alert. A lot.

I will share with you what I learned about the enteric nervous system and why we lovingly call it our second brain!

Yet, more importantly, this begins a series of workshops and sharing

So Hands-on, Hearts In, Mind Body Food

nicole mchenry copy

Levels of ‘hardship’

Its been a rough year.

Yet it has been a rough year for many others too

My pain and suffering do not for a second negate others’ and most certainly do not entitle me to ‘poor me’

What do I mean about that. Exactly.

I find it very difficult to stop, sit and just release stuff

Instead of thinking I am bulletproof or broken, I ask myself exactly what I ask of my students every week.

I ask what is really going on – for me.

I am not saying I don’t sit and have my moments. Sometimes it’s a day-long moment.

What I don’t do is assume I am entitled to be an arse because crap is going on

That’s the ‘poor me’ that really stinks.

But when I do – there are very few who would honor me enough to be honest and tell me. Which is a pity because I wouldn’t assume it was a slight against my character. It is because they love me enough to be honest.

People have a need to communicate and operate in a way that makes sense for them.

As do I.

If you aren’t getting the response you need ask yourself what is going on with you – what you truly need.

And Jeez Louise try and find it from within before you start striding out in search of.

If you need me I am working from home. Waiting for percolation to occur and more software updates to upload.

I might not answer your message. Not because I am not interested – its because I love my space and it fills my cup at the moment.

So next time you feel a ‘poor me’ coming on…

replay this

you did good (even if it felt like crap)

We are so very good at being disappointed in ourselves arent we?

We feel we should have ‘got the memo’ before now

How often have you scolded yourself for not getting it together before now?

What I can tell you is this.

Everything you ever do – even those things you wish you hadnt….did put some energy into this world of ours and enabled someone to learn and to utilise, as the impetus for their own growth

So some of you will be thinking why is ‘enabling’ someone a good idea?

Well toss aside what you recall from Dr Phil about ‘enabling’ being bad. That’s not what he meant at all.

Everything we do exudes energy.

You are doing your little bit to enable another to catch a glimpse of their true potential.

We work from abundant accumulated energy.

So you are enabling the possibility for the individual to raise the energy of humanity itself

Pretty cool – no pressure.

However this is the really cool bit.

Ever tried to contain light?

So when you chastise yourself for those things you did whilst you were off course….

Consider that you brought light that shone beyond you…like dominoes.

There is never ‘one’ individual that has the opportunity to see the infinite possibilities that begin with one step, one choice, one moment when someone turns on the light.

So my suggestion to you is that everything you have ever done (and ever will do) is healing.

Healing is bringing light of awareness to enable growth potential.

Healing is enabling another to find their way forward

Just think for a moment what Healing is to you..

Healing is X

Healing is Y

Healing is Q

We often say that you never know what battle someone is fighting inside

Everything you have ever done has had some benefit somewhere beyond the product of what you ‘did’

You were at times the sacrifice to the energy needs of others

Well guess what

It might have felt like crap – even for days – yet that’s a whole other blog post about strategies to manage and contain your energy

Yet I promise you-you did good in the world.

You did good.

So stop right now chastising yourself for anything you ever did.

I am NOT SAYING relinquish responsibility for what was done

I AM saying – as I ALWAYS say – there’s a gift in it – even if you weren’t the recipient.

You did good in the world.

That doesnt mean you should just go and do whatever because it does some good

That feels pretty crap and why would I advocate that?

Is not asking yourself to bring the best of you.

And thats also part of it

You chastise yourself because you think you ‘could’ have brought the best of you yet instead you brought 60% – and should have known better.

Well I say BA HUMBUG to coulda shoulda woulda

So let that S#*% go and be your authentic sensational you.

.i believe

No regrets.



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