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Feeling dumb

As soon as you start to feel like

You are in over your head

or you don’t know enough about whats going on


Its your ego kicking in

Because your ego doesn’t want you to feel stupid

It doesn’t want you to embarrass yourself

Which is the silly bit

You are being given information


And you can’t see where it fits


Just maybe

100% of it isn’t for you


Just maybe

the 10% that makes sense is better for you

then the 90% that doesnt

In fact it seems like waffle

So maybe it is

The 10% is the value for you

And it has been given freely

So instead of allowing the 90% to make you feel overshadowed

to feel bad

allow the 10% to shine through to you

And imagine it is the gold

You have mined from the stream

The stream filled with sludge

And silt

And all manner of creatures and minerals

And the 10% is what enriches you

So don’t allow your ego to close you

To close your mind to the parts that matter

Just because you feel there is a part that you can’t understand


It didn’t matter in the first place

leopard hidden

What would you do for a sign….

Many of us worry that we aren’t ‘progressing’ as we should.


We worry that others have travelled further, or understood more.


One way to know where we are – is looking for signs.


We look for signs in others. We look for signals in every other place other then ourselves.


Why ?


Because we don’t believe the signs and signals that come from within.


It is just how we ‘are’ – however it is NOT how we were built.


We were built with perfect systems. We have perfect tracking systems that chart our course through our lives


Along the way they get muddled. Because of the cues and the signs we pick up – from others.


It is our inbuilt navigation system – perfect for OUR course – our PATH – that we wont follow.


How crazy is that – yet it’s true.


Society brings us to that place where we question everything – our very existence.


What is it we are wanting to progress to ?


Where do we want to go ?


The lighthouse beacon is in the very navigation system we ignore


In many cases we see or hear the light


Yet we ignore it as if we need some external validation


An external sign.


And how amazing is the spirit world ?


Even though we have everything we need




Inside of us – perfect for our very being…


We ask for signs – and they give them.


We have what we need


We ask for more


And they give it.


So therefore


If we are the soul


And the Soul is the Spirit incarnated into the material


Then if spirit is who brings the signs


Then we must have the signs too


We must have the signs


Within us.


Now we will always ask for external signs


External Validation that all is right in our world


And that our world is how it is meant to be


However at some point – possibly –


We will realize we asked for more then was necessary


Whilst we were not looking inside


Because we did not trust our inner guidance


From whom we ask now for a sign.


So we should take a moment to ask for forgiveness


For asking for more then we need


Of what we already have


Until we trust in ourselves enough


To be happy and content


With where we are


And whom we are.


We are of course


Already forgiven.


Just look for the sign


That all is forgiven


It is plain as the nose on your face


– It’s the smile in the mirror


When the past is not the past

As I sit and become aware

Of what todays lesson will cover

In Spiritual Development Class

I realise it is something

That has been brewing within me

And my thoughts

for weeks.

I love how spirit work

To bring the awareness in

Over time

To shadow my everyday

with the learning that is to be

for tomorrow

and hereafter.

Your past is your past

It is also your present

The KEY is to realise

that you present can be enriched


by your past

Not encumbered by it

If you let it

Not necessarily in the moment choice

It is to ‘LET” it enrich your present

Rather then letting it colour your thoughts as an afterthought

Learn from your past

To reflect the way your past makes you think

Going forward.

To say that your words

Are from deep in your thoughts

Is certainly true

for me

for you.

How you portray yourself now

in your present

has been manufactured in your mind

long before

your mouth

is opened.

No sound needs to come out

for your to be in the present

However how you go forward

is not only heard in words

in sound

that comes from your mouth

as interpretation of energy that you send out into your day

it is the energetic matrix

that you walk with

that you bring

to your present.

That moment before

when you look towards another

whether you are present in their moment

are you conversing with them

you watch

you perceive

the energy of that moment

And already you are communicating

before words come out.

What is your past

saying of your present ?

Where do you your words

come from today.

Have you made peace with your past

so they enrich your present ?

Have you brought today

The love and joy

that was acknowledged from the moments

of your past

That were unpleasant or icky

yet were part of the fabric of you

You had to go through

the moments in time

and what have they brought to you

Love ?

Joy ?

Yes they have. They have brought you out into your present

And the steps

that were so slippery

The moments you knew were not your best

The sounds you made

when you should have been silent

Are all there on your slate.

So what do you bring to your present ?


Do you own your past ?

Does you past own you ?

So the lesson today

Will be about past life

How the memories play out

In your rational or irrational moments

In your present.

To be aware of your past

And how it plays out in your present

Is honoring you

Not the past


Because the past IS you

You lived it

You experienced it

You may well have hated it

Yet you lived it and became Joy despite or because of it

Know your past is not in your past

It is in you

Take the Joy and the Love that CAME from your past

Because it flavored


Created your present

And today is Love

Today you bring Joy

And so will it be

In the moments in class today

Bringing awareness of the past

That will bring awareness of the present

And what it brings

to enrich

The soul of one

Which of course

Is the soul of many

Blessed Be


Taking it personally – what does it REALLY mean ?

I love watching ‘the book face’ as my hubby now calls it thanks to a chicken take away advert on TV at the moment

Why ?

Because it is an instant source of human interaction that allows me

to consider underlying motivations



and feelings.

I see that it allows for much questioning

Yet I also see

That much ‘questioning’ is taken personally

When I wonder if it was formally meant that way…

So what does it show me ?

It makes me realise that when someone is asking about

My thoughts,

My leanings,

My personal viewpoint,

I consider they are using ‘the book face’ or whatever other opportunity

to ‘out loud’

and directly

explore themselves.


So then what ?

I have seen those questionings

in times gone by

as an attack on my views

which I have taken

more personally than it was meant.

I dont questions others’ motives as I used to

I used to wonder ‘why’ they asked

And instead of seeing the bigger picture

and seeing they were possibly not so eloquent in their question

However they were pure of motivation

And didn’t assist the situation to bring about growth.

We can be abrupt in our actions, yet pure in our intentions

And I think that is the key.

When we are asked about our views

We are asked about our views

Why ?

Because it is one that can either spark interest

Or controversy

Yet irrespective of what it provokes

It is a personal view for example

That has an opportunity to blossom

in your heart

or the life of another.

Instead of assuming and being affronted

No judgement is necessary

Only dialogue

Maybe its the judgemental tone that we respond in that starts the fire ?

So whats it all about then ?

If we consider the question an opportunity for dialogue

that has the potential to enrich another’s life

not just our own.

We can come from a space of sharing

Not from a space of defending

Which is what ‘taking it personally’

When said in that ‘accusatory’ way

is all about.

If our view and our solicited dialogue is not what the querent wants or likes

They own that part of the feed

And thats what it is.

It is Nurturing really.

A feed of energy

So set the energetic boundary within yourself

And with others


Be Kind

Have dialogue

Own you

And that without defence is all that is needed

To ensure the enrichment of others

and of course

The enrichment of you

Your blessed, un-judged, non judgmental, self

cardio heart

How to be Joyful

If spite is what you have

Then spiteful is what you will be

If Joy is what you have

Joyful is what you will be

Well THATS easy then !

We all have Joy inside

Stick with that

and mark my words

Joyful is what you will be


Cherished times

I do enjoy the school drop off time with my pixie

I feel like our little dialogue helps us both set ourselves up for the day

Have you ever woken up a bit angry after dreaming all night

Ever played out a scenario you will face today in the hours before you get there ?

What I have found

Is that we have a chat about who she will see

Who to spend time with

And how she is feeling about them

Sounds ominous doesn’t it ?

Its not really….

She is still working out how to play in the real world

There is always a theme that comes out of it and this is the one for this morning……

Not everyone is nice

Not everyone is mean

Yet mostly people are nice yet are reacting to their surroundings

their role models

or lack thereof.

We aren’t all perfect yet some things just work and some things just don’t

You know when it works it works, and when it doesn’t you make yourself ‘unavailable’

Why ?

Because not everyone is mean just because they are being a bit ‘off’

Some starts to the day make the nicest person feel pretty crappy.

Not necessarily on purpose yet thats still the way it is

When it comes to your friends,

While its working – enjoy it

When its no fun anymore – back off and watch

If its more the latter then the former

Just be ‘unavailable’

Make new habits

Find new friends

Others’ choices are theirs,

Your choice is yours

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater

Tomorrow is another day

Yet the best way to enjoy today is to just take it as it comes

Not everyone will be your friend

Some of your friends will move on

Make the most of today

for you

and you will find when you take the pressure of yesterday and tomorrow

from today

Its a much lighter place

school friends


PMT you say ?

I love that everyone assumes PMT

When it’s really just WTF

Both are met with a sense of POQ

However one is hormonal

and can be allayed by ingestion of chocolate

whereas the other is a recognition of others lack of responsibility

and can only be cured by –

well –

it can’t be cured.

Take responsibility for yourself.

Avoid that look someone gives you thats says WTF.

You only get one life at a time –

don’t waste it

or you will be baaaack

to go through it all again…..

And above all else –

avoid the last stage –


it gets messy at that point

Plug into your grid

And GTF on with things

threads plug in

On taking my own advice

I am going to take my own advice

Which isn’t such a stretch

Because when I tell my friend what I think

Its because they have asked

And they know if they ask I will be honest with them



Yet honest

So my advice …

Deal with whatever is in front of you today

Your world does not have to be complete and perfect

By the end of today

It just needs to be perfect for you

In other words

Do what you can

Deal with todays stuff today

Don’t look to an ideal

A holy grail

Of what you think your life should look like in the end

Because its only today you can deal with

It will be OK

Good advice for my friend

Good advice for me

So off to deal with today

Just whats doable in ‘my’ today

not the worlds today

I will guarantee that I will achieve something towards my today

Just like I guaranteed that she will achieve something towards her today

Pretty good start I think !

peace be with you

Don’t be put off

Opportunists come in all shapes and sizes

Taking up opportunities is not being opportunistic

Au contrare…not taking them up will be worse for you if they are true to your life path

Recognise that an opportunist is one who manufactures options

By creating a facade that appears to be valuing those around them

However is really just waiting to pounce on the result of their manipulation of circumstances

If you are open to receiving opportunities

And they appear and you take them up

Do not be accepting of others judgement that you are being opportunistic

Open to receiving is not even in the ballpark of manufacturing options

One comes naturally

The other requires drive and is bound in facade

Take up opportunities

Be open

and above all

To thine own self be true

If you manufacture options using a facade of caring for others

Do so at your own peril

Because at the end of the day

You are answerable

To you


Good advice…

heart or not at all

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