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Where do they take you ?


What button does the spirit world press in you that makes you realise there is work to be done ?

Have you ever realised that spirit take you to the place

A place where you have let go of much of your ‘shit’

That place is called surrender.

What is surrender.

Its not something you ‘DO’

Its a place where you realise you are part of the whole

Not THE part of the whole.

It may be a song

It may be something that pops up on your newsfeed



It took me a while to realise

Spirit were breaking down the walls

The walls of our ‘facade’.

Now don’t get me wrong

I am NOT saying I was fake, fraud, or barriered before I realised this.

What I am is engaged in my day


Being the best I can be

In the persona whom I embrace

And they remind me

That inside

Is a beautiful spirit


A Spark.

And I am part of a significant whole

A Universe

And I am special.

What this makes

Is the point that we are ALL special.

We all have a heart, beating, feeling

And somedays

We see, feel, experience

something that makes us stop

and FEEL.

Surrender to the moment.

I have not had a BAD day.

I have not had an anything day

Just normal.

What I have now

through developing over the years,

Is an understanding

That spirit put things in my path

It can be a song

A loving post on facey

Simple yet poignant

It touches my heart

And I know now

now present

I have work ahead of me that is spirit related.

So here I am

Wondering where it will make manifest

Knowing it isn’t just a ‘feeling’

They PREPARE me.

Where do they take you to become present ?

Once you realise what they are doing

You embrace and surrender

Until then

You just think its something you do

peace be with you

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