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There will always be an ars%$#

There will always be an arsehole

Somewhere, sometime

There will always be one.

Its even easier these days to use social media, impersonal messages, emails

to bully, demean, steal your sunshine

However thats not about YOU.

You are the recipient – the target

Unfortunate that someones crap always has to spill out onto others

Yet it comes from their inability to deal with their own poop.

Think of it this way.

Remembering that aresholes are full of crap – literally – so its going to come out anyway

What happens is that holding it in means they are ready to explode

Its likely they have been holding it in because others aren’t putting up with it anymore

It can feel random, unwarranted, and usually is

They search for a vent – not a truth

So its unlikely to be personal or even relevant

You are just the object for the moment

It may have been an old connection

It most likely is because you appear to be getting life together

Posting happy pics on social media usually draws out the jealousy

Draws out the attention

However it should NOT steal your sunshine

The very millisecond you feel your light dim realise this

Its only your happiness that attracts the arseholes

Its your bright light that they cant find for themselves

They cant see it within themselves

So they try to either steal it

Or bring you down so they aren’t being reminded of what they think they are missing out on

The key to all this is that IF you let them pull you down

Even just for a moment

You are doing YOURSELF – AND THEM the greatest disservice

They need to reach out of that dark place

Thats their job. Their journey.

The sun shining out of an arsehole is of course a myth – as we know

They need to crawl out of the dark

Pull their head out of it

And it will only happen when they realise they cant beat us – they have to join us

Be there own light

Of course it doesn’t matter how empathetic or spiritual you are

It doesn’t mean you take responsibility for them finding their light

Thats martyrdom

And thats not serving anyone but ego.

They may be OK there. Leave them there

Your life isn’t all roses and puppy dogs is it ?

You choose to be happy

So can they.

Be brave

Be the role model for yours and your own

There will always be an arsehole

Their mission is usually to hurt, demean, take

Your mission is to be you, choose you, be happy

Hold your nose, raise your face and feel the warm sunlight glowing onto your cheeks

Stand tall and value where you have come from

Step boldly into your future





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