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You are enough – amazing – more than enough

At a workshop on the weekend I was listening as people shared some of their stories

There was so much joy in the room and excitement around what is ahead

I am so looking forward to enjoying it along with them as we progress through the year

Yet there was one lovely person who made a few comments that struck a cord

I recall listening thinking wow – she doesn’t realise how strong she is because she has had someone else’s script slowly but surely replaces hers

And nobody else’s script will work for you. Because it’s not who you are.

It might sound fitting

Yet energetically it’s not a fit.

Some of you might already know me – yet know that I just can’t leave someone who is questioning their worth, if just a few words will encourage them to move forward.

So I reminded her quite simply that she is absolutely amazing and everything that has transpired to this point means she has succeeded.

We are at any moment, the sum of our experiences.

And we have SUCCEEDED to survive our experiences.

And Many MANY times we forget that we have achieved along the way, made decisions that moved us forward, SUCCEEDED.

Sometimes – many times we forget how freakin amazing we are.

And those moments I ask you, when you hear in someone dialogue that they have gotten stuck in someone else’s script – please look them in the eye, and remind them that they have clearly forgotten how amazing they are.

At this point they will not see it – so point out that they are upright and looking forward regardless of whatever derailed them

Can I tell you – that it doesn’t make a difference who and what and where they were derailed

Just take a short moment and remind them they are enough.

They are more than enough.

And they are amazing.

As are you





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