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Its just what we do….

It is nearly February and the excitement is building with what 2019 has on offer

Everything we do is a reflection of us

And January has been about self care for me.

Divesting myself of what no longer serves

Limiting my work substantially

Diet changes that support my wellbeing

Complete overhaul in many areas.

Because to be honest – it’s time.

It’s my time.

Yet one of the things I am so grateful for is the time I have made, to watch and listen to family and friends and truly soak up the experiences.

Some days we are in need and other days we are needed.

If we are so busy ‘doing’, we barely have time for ‘being’.

Yet in many cases, it’s just what we do.

I like to think that my kids have learned how to be good people through my experiences yet more importantly for seeing my actions and choices made

I have to say that what I have learned is that they forget much of what I pained over.

What I mean is that they forget the details.

I shake my head.

Its like it didn’t even happen.

And then something amazing happened.

A friend needed some support and my little elf says ‘we can make this work’.

I said ‘are you sure?’

(Well it’s a teenager after all….)

And she said

“Isn’t that what friends do?”

And I realised instantly.

Nothing has ever been in vain.

Teenagers are monsters at times yet it doesn’t negate their understanding

And that yes…It’s just what friends do…has come out of my mouth enough times, followed by genuine action and compassion, for it to sink in.

Not the lip service, the action.

And really, thats the truth.

It’s just what we do.

But you actually have to ‘do’

And of course never forget to be your own best friend too










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