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Worrying and energy. How my gratitude journalling helps me.

Worrying wastes so much energy……yet we can’t seem to help it.

To work out how to sort the problem, we need to consider what it actually is.

It helps find a solution, a strategy, a way forward.

The mere act of thinking uses energy – And thats not wasteful.

Where we actually lose it is in thoughts without focus or when we follow our thoughts down a rabbit hole so to speak.

There is a lot to be said for being truly focused and following your path

There is a lot of hype around staying the course and being passionately driven.

Well I am driven, passionate, focused and totally human.

So I find something that works and because I love it, it works even more because I seek it out.

I set myself up for success that way.

I start my day with 3 things I am grateful for.

And I share it with the you all.

Our worrying thoughts might keep us under the covers snuggled or hiding in bed…. or motivate us to get out of it,  yet once we are moving – distractions,  aromas of yummy coffee or breakfast cooking, and we haven’t even discussed entertainment and social media…

Worry can be deep or superficial, short lived or long lasting.

For example, I worried for decades that I would develop osteoporosis because my paternal grandmother who is pretty much my early warning sign with everything else, suffered greatly with it.

Through my Science degree in Naturopathy I learned about the Thyroid, calcium and the link to bone density which explained precisely why she developed it.

It isn’t in the textbooks as such, yet when I understood the cascade of what the body does, I understood what her system was doing to her while trying to regulate her levels.

The body is AMAzingly clever, but far out it gets it wrong chemically sometimes. Confused yet still high functioning in the wrong way.

Thats also the reason I don’t worry anymore.

I don’t have those thyroid issues.

So how do I know that you might ask ?

The plot thickens.

My mother years ago suggested I get my thyroid checked because it might explain my weight gain, because my grandmother had thyroid X, Y & Z.

I suggested that it was more easily explained by ‘I eat too much and don’t exercise’ – Not rocket science.

We were not amused….

Yet I went anyway and mine is all fine.

It appeared it was all food, no exercise….

So as soon as I studied the endocrine system and the thyroid, the link became clear – well the lack of link more precisely.

And the worry lifted.

And it did worry me because she had a rough time before she passed with it being a major contributor to a rapid reduction in her quality of life.

So where does my journalling fit in to all of this ?

It’s my ‘start the day right’ habit.

I enjoy it so I seek it out.

It starts my day with the right mindset.

The deep worries seem to wake up with us if they are top of mind, such as my anatomy & physiology exam on today…yet even that overhanging shadow has to take a back seat while I sit and consider 3 things I am grateful for.

Each day I choose to stop, pick colored pens, draw hearts and stars, color them in, and smile, take a pic, and share.

And in those moments – much as I am a sensational multitasker, I do nothing else beyond journal those 3 things.

Now that I have stolen my own attention from my life’s distractions,  I consider the days activities, appointments, and anything I have to list.

Then I MAKE SURE I glance at the space where I will write tonite’s gratitude in.

And smile.

Thats when I put the coffee on.

After that point if I have failed to plan I waste loads of time

But thats another blogpost

In the interim,

I hope you are enjoying my gratitude sharing,

And realise that gratitude doesn’t have to be earth shattering to anyone else but you

And heartwarming is what I aim for.

My heart,

My self

My soul.

It’s my strategy to minimise my worry, my time wasting way to get lost in the day.

So know that when I share my gratitude with the world I am sharing the warmth from my heart – not aiming for clever words.

They wont always make sense to you yet they are absolutely gratitude-worthy for me

You will possibly notice I tend to ramble….

Yet my gratitude is always small, loving, short and sweet.

I used to struggle to stick to 3

Now I find its less of a screen dump and more real

So I derail the big worries and the small ones too

And that starts my day right

I look to the rest of the day as an adventure with timeframes.

My end of day gratitude is like tying up ribbons with a pretty bow.

NEVER an after thought.

And its a nice set of thoughts top of mind before I close my eyes.

I always find something to cherish. It can tweak a challenge with a positive spin







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