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Because I want to – taking the toddler approach…

Part of good parenting is trying hard to manage the toddler years with a view to bringing up good humans who are respectful and can enjoy being part of a community

No mean feat.

If you’ve been there I needn’t explain myself any further

Yet why remind you of delightful times that you likely put out of your head

Theres a gift in it as I always say.

Remember when you were frustrated yet admit it – half in awe of your toddlers guts and determination ?

You half wished you could commit to an argument with the tenacity of your pint size opponent.

Well theres a gift in your experience.

And all my students will tell you – I ask them a million times every time…

Whats the gift in all this?

So think about it.

Your toddler truly believes they are entitled to whatever they decide.

Thats why they fight.

They don’t have the cognition nor the experience to make more balanced judgements in the moment.

Thats where adults help.

Yet I ask you to consider how clever ‘they’ are.

They don’t compromise because they don’t think its required.

They ask you for things because they want them

One of things I believe we have forgotten, is to ask for what we want.

Is it because we have mastered the art of compromise a little too well?

I cant answer that for you however I think there are times we all have.

The time its really an issue is when you are trying to keep others happy at the expense of your own wants – let alone needs

It certainly doesn’t have to have anything to do with anyone else.

It’s really about you and your choices.

So ask yourself if you want something – why do you want it.

Does it move you?

Are you passionate about it?

If the answer is yes – then why not do it?

I believe we need to retrain ourselves – to put ourselves first more.

We seem to have excelled at putting ourselves second – so why not first?

The key point here is to ask yourself whether what you want is what you truly want.

And be OK with wanting stuff.

Be OK with wanting things and circumstances, situations and therefore experiences for yourself.

Just because you want them.

You are worthy.

Do what you want, harm none.

Simple and Clever.

Our lives are enriched through experiences.

That requires us to actually have them.

The only thing that holds us back and limits us is ourselves

So take the toddler approach.

Do you want it?

Go for it!

Compromise is OK yet conceding when it’s important to you – is not.

Take the toddler approach.

Keep it simple.

Use your adult awareness, balance and judgement, yet channel your inner toddler

And live a little.











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