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Gut Health, Inflammation, Our Brain-Gut link, and Me

Many of you will know by now about my studies in Naturopathy and Herbalism

You know from my posts and our chats how MUCH I am enjoying it

However what really keeps me up till silly hour learning and enjoying, and researching is as always, seeing the connections between our Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul.

I found it interesting that 3/4 of each semester is dedicated to Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, and Biochemistry

It’s because its so important to understand the workings of the body, our chemistry, and how we process things, as much as it is about herbs, herbalism, and healing

Oh heavens – how I am loving it

So in a nutshell, until we understand the workings of our bodies, all the knowledge in the world that comes to me of what to use to heal it, will fall short.

We need to understand what is happening – the ‘why’ it works.

To be truthful – I need to understand it

Sure I am intuitive, as are all of you, yet I want to know why, and I want to have credibility in my knowingness

Many of you would agree that there seem to be ‘tummy people’ and ‘headache people’

What I find is that I am both, yet through my own charting and research, I have to say that its never at the same time

I have migraines very occasionally now, yet when I get them – well if you ever had one you know how it feels.

I have gut issues – that seems to precede or to follow them. Chicken and the egg type stuff.

Not many of you would know that my family history includes ulcerative colitis, lupus, osteoporosis, and an inherent desire to push my mind and body to the limits of its capabilities….

My skin is telling in its complete state of flux at the moment showing very visible symptoms of stress from external and internal factors.

There is only so much I can control, and I have divested and simplified to an incredible degree

Yet it does all come down to the gut.

These are all inflammatory conditions, gut-brain linked, and for some totally debilitating.

For me, it is definitely limiting.

There are chemical and physical connections aplenty and it explained for me in a scientific way – what I have been experiencing, working on, and working with for years

It was the missing piece of the puzzle

Many of you followed my food journey in 2016 and 2017. I have been a little quiet whilst studying and sorting out life.

Life throws us curve balls, and after a year of some fairly full-on changes, I am back on track with Ferments, Booch and Kefir, a Diploma in Health Science encompassing naturopathy and nutrition, and a mind and body that is now shedding the signs of inflammation, stress, and toxicity, and hereditary challenges.

As I continue through my studies, I will share with you all as I learn more around nutrition, body, biochemistry and herbalism.

and now for some EXCITING NEWS!

I am in the stages of finalizing a series of e-books, one being on gut health, inflammation, and the Brain-Gut link – so keep an eye out for the link to your free copy.

There are MANY I respect who have been studying and researching for years, and I will share from my experience in the hope that it gives you something that can help you – or at least you will have those ‘aha’ moments I did along the way

I now know for sure that 90% of my health concerns, experiences, and indeed strengths are gut related. I have been reading it in mine and clients energy for years

Levels of inflammation in my body certainly explain why my very strong mind is foggy and unfed some days. My reserve just isn’t there.

Also, I think half the reason that (most) of the time I have a cast iron constitution is because my body has had to adapt and strengthen.

I think that it’s on high alert. A lot.

I will share with you what I learned about the enteric nervous system and why we lovingly call it our second brain!

Yet, more importantly, this begins a series of workshops and sharing

So Hands-on, Hearts In, Mind Body Food

nicole mchenry copy


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