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Why its important for me (and you) to drink water

We all know the feeling of dehydration

Whats worse is that many times we get used to it – and it becomes our normal

Our amazing bodies do some serious internal management while we just do our thing, half assuming it will find balance as it has always done.

Yet any dietician or natural medicine practitioner will tell you that fluid is a significant component of our body makeup at any point in time.

Around 60% for males and slightly less for women.

Thats ‘average’ – and I don’t know if you are average but a benchmark certainly helps.

So when my inflammation flares as it has been for me lately which is why I keep making #chooseyou decisions until life settles into balance, there is one sure fire thing that starts the rejuvenation process – and thats drinking water.

I am a kombucha making, ferment fan, yet water is the simple place to begin.

I have been studying for my latest Anatomy & Physiology Exam and this graphic stares me in the face


Knowing what I know about the body and its processes, and what it actually does without me having to think about it, blows my mind each semester.

Focus, Water.

If we don’t take in enough fluid to keep the wheels turning, like most machines, the wheels fall off.

Sooo 9 litres of fluid.

And from there 8 litres reabsorbed. That means it goes back into our body to be used for making, doing, and protecting.

So if I don’t access fluid each day, wheels start to get wobbly.

Now I don’t suggest at all you need to drink that much water, in fact that would be bad for you. If you look at the graphic that puts many to sleep….fluids gather from all stages and just over 2 litres come from intake of foods and all sources by mouth, however it makes sense that my body gets irritated when it doesn’t get the fluids it needs !

So a wise friend today suggested to up my water intake, then I review this unit on organs and the digestive functions, and it’s a lovely real reminder of what, how, and why.

Kiss rule really.

Add inflammation and stress to the body and averages don’t generally apply because the body can’t reabsorb properly even if I do ensure my water intake is good.

However thats no reason to not do what I know works.

Start the process.

Be gentle with yourself.

2 days in and I feel much much better for it.









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