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Embracing the ‘thank F#@k’

There will be so many people who have had a wonderful break

And hopefully you have too.

And all I can say is ‘thank F$#k’.

Thank F$#k so many have stopped worrying about what others are doing

Assumption is the mother of all F$#k ups.

Why ?

When overloaded we tend to get insular

We cant see beyond our own shadow.

Anxiousness and stress play out in peoples heads and then into actions.

Many assumptions about motivations and agendas are simply untrue.

I wish for you the liberation of not being the focus of others.

We all know how liberating it is when someone has moved on regardless of the relationship it was

It’s like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders.

The most spiritually enlightened of us can still be affected by that weight, despite it not being our poop in the first place.

So from me to you

I wish for you as many ‘thank F$#k’s as you can handle

You can see it in peoples posts

You can see it in comments

Yet they can’t.

When they post something without a barb it’s because they have let that go.


Even though it’s hard sometimes to let go of the nastiness you may have encountered or watched another encounter.

Sing it out loud.

Dance up the hallway

THAAAAAANK F$#$#$$$$$$$$K

And enjoy the lightness you feel.

Theres a common name for all this.

It’s called FREEDOM.

You are not bound by another.

However you may still have experienced the rubbish.

So embrace it

And enjoy it.

Thank F#$K.

bullshit plant a garden

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  1. Have you been peeking in my window haha. Terry


    January 4, 2019

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