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Ctrl – Alt -Del : The Revolutionary Soft Boot

I sit evening after evening, often in bed early, propped up comfortably gazing at my spectacular tranquil view

What a difference a year can make.

I want to share with you what I have been brewing for the last few days

And in all honesty, it’s the perfect NY thing.

I am a pattern girl

A virgo for sure

And a love for language, numbers and order

haunt me often.

However I have a quirky side where the patterns and numbers get to play

They have supported me in exams, essays, probabilities and business for years

Yes I have a knack for poker

It used to pay for my school lunches

Yet thats entirely another blog.

I have always loved the soothing voices of reason in my head

And the quirky way I question my own decision making

Provides a running commentary that is a comedy sketch that often requires censorship…

However my favorite of all ‘WTF commentary’ is

Don’t forget Ctrl – Alt – Del.

It revolutionised IT

And you would be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t blessed that 3 key prayer as it rebooted everything

It’s THE analogy on so many levels.

First thing is that you co-ordinate your hands and press keys.

To do that you have to LET GO of what isn’t working.

You avoid fidgetting and fumbling with dusty cords if you were really unlucky, or at best working out which is the right power button.



What can you control – exactly ?

Deal with that.

Or consider that instead of trying to get something to work that refuses….just take control with 1 key.


Pick an alternate.

Is there one ?

STOP and consider whether the one you are dealing with is EVER going to be a combination that works.


My personal favorite.




Cant get it back.

At least its a decision.

So whats been my Ctrl-Alt-Del Soft boot ?

I have Unsubscribed, Unfollowed, Deleted so much stuff.

Social Media connected mainly tbh.

I want to enjoy my Social Media again.

I archived a few of my pages.

I then went back and deleted them.

People will do the same with mine – and I prefer that.

I cant be fussed worrying about whether someone thinks it’s about them, or gets offended.

Thats their stuff and most people will go through rollercoasters of anxiousness, grief, anger and everything in between.

Just like I do.

I just don’t want to see it.

I haven’t the inclination or energy for it – I just don’t.

So what do I mean by that ?

I just want to enjoy my social media and connect with those who enjoy what I share.

I have so loved New Year greetings from so many far and wide.

My circle is large, global, and I am truly blessed.

Yet my inner circle is small.

Though many are welcomed, as many are not.

And thats absolutely fine.

My space is mine to do with what I feel works for me.

Importantly, things change for all of us along the way.

And just like Del. There is always a way to return if the door is meant to be opened.

I pocket dialed someone I used to spend so much time with.

Random. Bizarre.

That made it random connecting twice in as many months, where there had been none for maybe 5 or so years.

The door wont likely open again – yet the encounters were respectful.

And why wouldn’t they be ?

So soft boot and take control of as much as you can – or as much as you can handle.

Stop and consider alternatives.

And clear out what doesn’t serve you.

Revolutionary on so many levels.



good person


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  1. Deceptively simple, yet rather effective in validating oneself & maximising ones energy. I like it!


    January 3, 2019

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