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When your body won’t play…

At present, I am feeling pretty good, and its absolutely because I am making the things happen that I need to

I eat really well, just not regularly enough for my body and my minds needs

It comes though, from refusing to eat rubbish on the fly.

The real bugger though is that because of the inflammatory conditions within me, combined with the stress of recent years, my body doesn’t process things well NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE THINGS I DO FOR IT IS!

It can’t. Yet.

The starvation mode that my body goes into isn’t necessarily any better some days yet I make a conscious choice to not fuel it with crap.

Those days are now at a minimum.

When things are tracking along nicely,  its because my plans have come together. Its no accident that the right food is in the fridge and the right support is around me.

It’s no accident that the snack foods are actually in the teens’ cupboard – avoiding those ‘snaccidents’ that derail completely.

So I have choices – as we all do.

When you look at what they are it’s not pretty.


Because it’s clear that choosing right for me is a good decision no matter what, and that the easy choices I took that weren’t good for me have long-lasting effects.

And not good ones.

I am currently sitting at a BMI that is not healthy.

For now.

Yet it is already changing.

So how am I making the change you ask…

Beyond food choices that is…

I am exercising in a way that doesn’t put pressure on my already overworked system.

What am I actually doing?

Moving around – constantly, intentionally, and pushing myself the few extra steps.

When I moved here, having to keep going up and down these stairs was something I avoided.

Now I make extra trips. Some afternoons its tough.

I LOVE the app on my watch. Breathe app, stand app, trackers. I embrace them all.


It’s not a 40km marathon – yet it’s my marathon – for me.

I sleep better because I move.

I know that my body isn’t playing despite the nutrient dense, conscious choices I am making for it – for ME.

But this I promise you –  I will be damned if it isn’t playing because I am killing it intentionally with bad choices.


We all know that tomorrow is not a given. Neither is this afternoon. I know this more than most – as do many of you I have no doubt.

I could give up and say – too late, its managed so far.

But my body isn’t playing because of what it has been through.

Just like my mind has been overwhelmed by the choices I have made and the experiences I have been through.

As we all have.

So my choice is to find balance, peace, and empowerment from within.

When my body doesn’t play its just that way today.

If I feed and nurture it, it will be the best it can be.

Your mind will be the same.

As will mine.

Stay tuned… it is only going to get more exciting from here

“Had a gutful yet?”

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