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Waking up has become so much easier!

I know being healthier and taking care of myself is a great thing

It’s actually necessary for a long and healthy life

If you want the backstory, read about my gut health and inflammation journey

However, I still can’t get over how much better I feel

Don’t get me wrong – I would love an extra days sleep

Yet I am not hearing the alarm and hating it

In fact, I wake before the alarm most days and am not exhausted

A friend said to me to today – you sound exhausted!

I am tired from the year or so of upheaval, yet I am not exhausted

And believe you me, I know what exhausted feels like

What I feel is lighter.

I feel like the weight is off my shoulders in so many ways. And it is, to be honest.

Yet I FEEL that way. I am actually feeling it.

I looked in the mirror and literally, I stood taller today. Because my gut isn’t so bloated, my back isn’t having to try and find the center of balance the same old way

I have probably lost about 5 or 6 kilos yet that’s as much from mindset as it is from lifestyle.

What did I actually do?

I went back to what worked for me in the past and correlated that to what I enjoy.

And my nutrition studies have given me so many answers!

So I loved the vegan way of food, yet as I have mentioned before – vegan is a lifestyle choice based on passion and integrity in choices. It’s a philosophy really.

I can’t do the red meat thing as my carnivore ways do my system over.

I will be honest – I can go without animal products quite comfortably.

And I hydrate.

Yet I also embrace my herbal plants and remedies, right down to my teas as you know

So carbs pretty much kill my system as quickly as dairy.

Carbs turn to sugar as soon as they enter the system. There are 3 structures of carbs and they ALL do the same thing.

Sugars aggravate my body and cause skin eruptions and scar-like welts for me

People think I have burn scars.

Dairy just aggravates my intestinal system and also shows up on my skin

So I limit them big time.

And it is making me feel amazing. So I will continue with it.

The real upside?

I wake without feeling exhausted. I am awake, not groggy.

Sleep-ins are a joy – not a desperate necessity

And rousing teenagers is much easier now that I am not dragging myself out as well!

(Much to their disgust)

I still hit the snooze button even though I am awake

Yet I don’t hang out for the extra snooze, because I don’t NEED it

I am living life, and busy as it is, I have more time because I am present.

What am I doing wrong?

I am not pacing myself at the evening end of the day and taking it easy enough.

Reflect, Review, Tweak, and make changes.

Next is regular exercise.

I think you have to get your diet right first, or the good things like movement and exercise become stressors and pressures

Life is becoming easier from the inside out

‘Had a Gutful yet’



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