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Necessary evil…..your gut will decide

If there is one thing I try and avoid like the plague – its anti-biotics

Just the word suggests it goes against my own bio.

And with the inflammation issues I have, its an added weight I know will have an effect that’s not so cool.


What to do when faced with my system that is overloaded mind, and body, and needs more than herbal remedies and lovingly prepared energetic mojo?

Well its something every soul teacher has ever said to me – and certainly, my energetic ‘team’ supports

Get thee to the traditional doctor and get their know-how as well

Why ignore their training just because it ignores mine.

Or does it?

When my husband was initially ill he said the doctor looked awful telling him what he thought was happening.

I said OF COURSE. This poor bloke went into the profession to help heal people – and if he couldn’t do it – then it speaks to the underlying reason for everything he ever held true.

The body is an amazing thing.

Left to its own devices it will go about healing itself through knowing. Yet germs and superbugs have morphed and targeted the weaker areas of the body. And here I find myself.

Not because I am weak. Yet because I have asked FAR more of my mind and body than I should have, over an inordinate amount of time.

SO in the process of making better choices for my body and its mechanism, I am weathering a few storms.

Enter antibiotics.

Oh, they are awful bloody things, yet my gorgeous GP always says

  • *this is what I think we will do, and
  • *here is the script if you choose to fill it.
  • *It will assist in this way.
  • *Keep me posted with how you are going and we can revisit if you need to.

She’s a gem. A seriously great find.

There’s seriously no sparkles and moonbeams about her, so we fit hand in glove.

So here I sit – antibiotics day 3, feeling much clearer in so many ways.

My body feels ‘less drain’ because my body has added support to fight the bacteria clearly ‘trying it on’, so I can continue doing as little as I need to without making it worse.

And what I can tell you without condition – is that I have no time for extra silliness. From anyone.

And to be honest, it’s these moments I reassess again, life and choices, and where I spend my energy.

So how do I support my gut in this fight using foreign nasties?

Reclaim my eating habits.

And always always – Booch and Kraut baby.

Kombucha I brew at home and have for YEARS.

Kraut with THE most gorgeous of ingredients from the organic farm up the road.

I START my day with a fork (or 6) full of Kraut.

I have also downloaded a food tracker on my phone. What I can tell you is that my meals are not yet what they should be as my eating habits are working around the end of semester, exams, spring cleaning, and Mind Body Spirit Festival week.

My herb garden is going nuts so that means drying herbs, making infusions, tinctures, lozenges, and ointments.

There’s a lot on and frankly – I HATE antibiotics, yet its what I need to keep me afloat at the moment.

I filled the script because my gut didn’t have a kanipshin when I tuned in.

I overdid it ALREADY.

So reset and the habits I make now will support my desire to not be back here again.

Trust your gut – it will never let you down – it is your second brain my friend.

Listen to it.

Yet support it with ferments, biotics, and divesting yourself of what makes you sick in the first place

Overdoing it.

‘Had a Gutful Yet?”

bullshit plant a garden



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