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It takes 2 to tango to get your body into balance

One of the most prominent things that I remind clients and students is that you have to ask for assistance, support, & healing.

I can tell you WHY its so top of mind for me

Because its the HARDEST lesson I had to learn too.

It’s hard to learn when you are capable

It’s hard to learn when you are shy

It’s hard to learn when you are tired and low

Get the picture? It’s a hard thing to do. It’s no longer natural for us.

Yet it’s NOT impossible

I have a lovely card on my fridge – it lives there.

“It is Natural for my Body to be Well”

But I have to tell you-you can take all the mantras in the world and yell them from the Himalayas and meditate like a boss – however, if you don’t make the steps to getting yourself well…it will fall short long-term

So my journey continues with health and wellness, Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul.

Peace for the mind (going to bed early cocooned in my lovely space)

Food that nourishes and nurtures my body (choice only works with the right mindset)

Compassion and stillness for my heart

Food for the Soul

You have to be on board. You have to make the choices. It cant be done for you on a wing and a prayer.

My card is divine – yet it also reminds me to do the rest of what’s needed


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