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Vegan – Keto – Organic – Anti-Inflamm Superfood. ‘Bliss in a Bowl ‘

Along the way, we sometimes get lost with our diet and lifestyle.  Is this a fad, a necessity, worth trying, OMG how do I make this work?

Yet here is my favorite brew – and it ticks ALL these boxes!

This most amazing soup/meal/snack/bowl of goodness is EASY, and makes my gut – and therefore the rest of my life – feel amazing!

It not only ticks all the Vegan, Keto, Organic, Anti-Inflammatory boxes, its easy to carnivore up as well.

Vegan for me – I felt amazing yet make no mistake – its a choice in life, not a fad.

Keto is not Atkins repackaged, yet its a way of eating to fuel your body designed to make it function as a fat burning machine.

Organic is a choice of where your food comes from, and why.

Anti-inflammatory for me is a must. Its a choice – yet an important one for me.

So what is this magic I hear you ask?

And here is the lowdown.

This brew is seriously unbreakable.

First, kick off your shoes and put on music that makes you want to hum, move, smile

Grab a stockpot, slow cooker, saucepan – big as you have.

Add in :

2L of stock, filtered water, tap water, or whatever water (you get the idea – anything)

1 tbs of :

Tumeric, Ginger, Garlic (powdered, grated, organic preferred, not essential – use what you have)

45527286_293244191313114_8020727094566715392_n (1).jpg

1 small chili (seeds removed) sliced/broken in chunks/diced – don’t rub eyes, lips, or anything sensitive till you wash your hands!

(This time I used a home brewed chili paste – secret squirrel stuff or just squish chilis)

2C sliced brown schrooms – or whatever ones you have – and more if you want.

(See the mushrooms soaking in the golden goodness of my tumeric)


Fill the pot with green veg – the darker green the better – and a few spring onions, some parsley, cilantro if you have – (I didn’t this time).

You will see Kale, chinese broccoli, pak choy, spinach (see below), spring onions, greens – the darker the better…

Just a word on organic vs supermarket : the choice is absolutely yours yet the flavor is entirely different?


A big spoon of Celtic or Himalayan salt and peppercorns

What I then added that you may not have on hand :

Coconut Aminos (call it soy sauce without the soy)

Dulce flakes (red seaweed jam-packed with iodine)

Go buy them – you won’t be disappointed.

Now put it all in and turn it on.

Put it on High in the crockpot/slow cooker for a few hours – trust yourself to know its time to put it on low.

In a Saucepan – just bubbling then simmer.

Vegans stop here…..

These next options take it away from VEGAN, while Staying KETO

3 eggs beaten and whisked in will make it egg drop soup

Shredded chicken which the carni’s can add at their leisure

When its ready, whisk a few eggs up in a small bowl with a fork and slowly pour it into the boiling soup in a thin stream and stir with a fork or any implement really to make the egg shred as it will cook as soon as it drops into the liquid and make little curls and swirls.

Lumpy? No worries.

Not enough? Put more in.

Seriously unbreakable.

The Anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, antioxidant, and adaptogen rich ingredients will help your gut and therefore overall body inflammation settle.

Its YUM.

Did I mention its unbreakable?

So I guess you want to see it?


If only you could smell and taste it!

Steamy. Divine. Yum. GREAT for my Gut.

So why not just do it yourself?

Had a Gutful Yet?

My body will thank me tomorrow 🙂 Will yours?


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