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Saturday morning Improv = chillax

Half the conversations I have after hump day used to begin with “where the hell is my ….”

I don’t know about you, however, I find it stressful to have to always find my stuff!

I made a simple yet powerful change.

I changed my questions to “what do I need right now”, followed by “what can I use to make it work”

Small yet powerful strategy for change.


It recognizes what I have rather than what is missing.

I thought things would change after my 3 cherubs (5yrs and under at one point) ‘grew up’

Yes…I would finally go to where I put something and it would be there, unbroken, waiting, ready.

Life doesn’t get easier – it gets different. Yet this post isn’t about the hardships and teenagers – it’s about mindset and perspective.

So enter my latest infusion and once again – no idea where the lid is.

‘Where the hell is my lid?” is about loss and is stressful.

“What do I need?” Lid.

“What will work?” This sucker.


Now, this Cadbury lid may suggest chocolate covered scorched almonds have been eaten – yet not by me this time.

THE KEY takeaway is

Focus on what I need and make it work with what’s there



Minimal wasted energy and fuss.

In the end, I have my herbal and am on my way for the day ❤

Enjoy xx




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