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Well, that was the week that was – How was yours?

My eyes are still rolling around in my head as I exhale now that the Monday to Friday part of the week is over.

I mean for heaven’s sake – its November already

I have some exciting things to do over the weekend however they are the type that will include taking it easy, slowing down, and pacing myself.

Living, rather than surviving basically.

You will probably have noticed my gratitude posts and I try and share them most morning and evenings.

I absolutely adore my Best Self Journal and in 2019 we will (formally) fire up the group to work through our projects. No matter the goal – you will rock it.

So here I am – calling all sharers of gratitude, challengers of the mediocre, and empowerers of the soul, to link in and get ready to share the space!


So what truly filled my cup this week?

Salute to the week that was full of amazing students who trust me to guide them with their spiritual and personal development, from Oz, and countries across the globe.

Assignments submitted, tinctures created, teas brewed and heartily consumed.

My energetic infusions are about to become healing ointments, linaments, and lotions with the help of beeswax from my friend’s hive and a bit of extra healing oomph to boot

My teas have made a significant impact on my wellbeing and certainly, the calendula/cleavers mix is a superb brew.

What I noticed the most was that the fluid soft and squidgy layer I have, has really subsided, and certainly my Gut has settled big time.

I have had a few foggy brain stretches across the week, however, Rome wasn’t built in a day and my body has a few decades of a score to settle.

Yet nonetheless blessed.

Friends enjoyed and laughter filled the house, ideas and opportunities shared with encouragement.

It’s just a BUSY time of year.

High Schools are settling into exams, the Retail frenzy has already begun.

And lets not even think about the race that stops the nation.

And then there is me. A part of the whole yet equally as important.

First off tomorrow morning to grab more organic fruit and veg from Benton Rise Farm in Moorooduc.

Many lucky customers who can’t get to the peninsula or simply don’t have time,  are enjoying the convenience of southern and eastern suburbs pickup, not to mention Cheffies honey and her amazing recipes. She is so clever!


Love the produce on the Peninsula. One of my favorite stops to start the day.

I seriously never buy enough apples for this kid – yet at least I know what she’s eating, where it came from, and what it does NOT contain or come covered in!

My wax wraps are in full swing and if you want to join me to make some for yourself – check this workshop out. More to follow.

I use them to cover things, carry things, snacks for school and work, and they are delightfully pretty

So a quiet Friday evening is on the cards and I have no doubt I will be drawing a few too as I enjoy a nice cup of freshly brewed ‘Sweetest of dreams” tea.

And it won’t be long before you will get to see what that beautiful blend actually is

I am not 100% happy with it yet – however its very very close

Have an awesome weekend

Kick your shoes off and feel the energy in nature

I will be walking barefoot along the foreshore, splashing and kicking around near the water’s edge, and remembering why I love living near the beach 🙂

Enjoy xx

shoes on a beach

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